Facebookers Look To Impeach Obama

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On most radars, Facebook wasn’t going to make the political news this week. But it is, and twice. We’ll start with the wingnut, bat-guano crazy and move on to the counterintuitive defense of a public figure by a social network executive. Nothing like some anticlimactic structure to start your weekend, eh?

But there’s surely enough in the beginning to last you: Impeach Obama groups are already appearing on Facebook.


Two things:

First: If the Bush-Cheney tag-team dump on the Constitution didn’t get them impeached, then the only way in modern America to get it done is via slutty White House interns. Who wants to appoint America’s Temptress at Arms? I vote Jessica Gomes. If she can’t get it done then we know something more disturbing than we thought about Obama.

Second: You can’t impeach him yet. He’s not really president yet and he hasn’t done anything illegal. The witch-hunt is going to have to wait until after January 20, and you’re going to have to go after a former editor of the Harvard Law Review to prove it. Have fun and good luck with that. 

Comments made among those in favor of impeaching Obama have cited his apparent loyalty to Marxist Socialism, based of course on his support for leveraging the graduated income tax system already in place to redistribute America’s wealth to Marxist programs like Medicare and Social Security and various infrastructure projects like highways and bridges. If the Socialism argument didn’t work for McCain, it ain’t working now.

Besides. It’s not illegal to be socialist, not even all the way.

Other arguments have included that he has “voiced” support for assault weapons bans, universal healthcare (what, like Medicaid?), and that he’s a smoker Muslim Arab. Again, voicing isn’t illegal and an assault weapons ban is debatable not impeachable, and neither being a smoker, nor Arab, nor Muslim is illegal, and in this case all are untrue.

I address these things as though this particular Facebook community can hear me, and as though I need to anymore, and as though their cry into cyberspace is worthy of a response. But it’s still not clear as to whether this group is serious, or just playing, and they seem to be serial president impeachers, one member acknowledging they were prepared to impeach McCain, should he be elected.

The other thing is that Facebook COO and former Google executive has written a missive for the HuffingtonPost defending former and possible future Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. The last time you heard of Summers, he was being shamed out of Harvard by feminists because he said girls just can’t do math.

Some people (feminists in particular) are little upset about his possible appointment in Obama’s cabinet. Sheryl Sandberg writes:

"Larry has been attacked by some in the women’s community for remarks he made about women’s abilities. As he has acknowledged himself, this speech was a real mistake. What few seem to note is that it is remarkable that he was giving the speech in the first place – that he cared enough about women’s careers and their trajectory in the fields of math and science to proactively analyze the issues and talk about what was going wrong. To conclude that he communicated poorly — and even insensitively — is fair. To conclude that he is opposed to progress for women overlooks the fact that improving this progress was precisely the subject he was addressing.

"Many people note that our nation has few economists with his intelligence. They should also know that we have few leaders, if any, in the financial world who have done more for women."

And to add to that: Feelings are for social theory; smarts is for economics. He could be anti-cute-puppy for all I care so long as he fixes the economy, if that’s at all possible.

Facebookers Look To Impeach Obama
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  • Guest

    Sheesh. Talk about a bunch of sore losers. Truly unbelievable.

    I guess one of the real problems here is that citizens of the United States might actually have afforable health care. Who wants that nonsense, right?

    No health care is better than some health care.



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    What will they think of next?

  • Guest

    Please Give Him a chance what we must do is t keep this next president in prayer  don’t we all want a chance to succeed

  • Guest

    I have been really concerned since last July when Obama posted a ficticious birth certificate (yes, several experts have proven it ficiticious) on his website and factcheck.org said it was authentic. Factcheck.org is financed by the Addenberg Foundation (Obama’s former employer).

    The Constitution requires that a person be a natural born citizen to run for the Presidency.  There is a massive movement that believes that he has never been eligible (Like Arnold Schwarznegger) to run for the Presidency because he is of Kenyan birth as Obama’s sister Maya attests while watching him being born in a Kenyan hospital.

    About 9 million people have viewed former Deputy Attorney General of PA (Philip Berg, a 30 yr. Democrat) website www.obamacrimes.com to view his lawsuit filed on Aug. 21, 2008 asking Obama to just allow the valuted copy of his birth certificate from HI to be examined.  You can prove to yourself by reading the lawsuit, that this is just to verify that he is eligible to run. There is further evidence that the HI officials that "wrote a letter" saying, "we looked at what we have and we think it’s real" , and they won’t explain why they won’t let anyone else look at it, and now the matter is going to the Supreme Court. What are these Democrats hiding?

    I can’t understand why Obama has a problem with this and why he hired Joseph Sandler, Counsel for The Council for American Islamic Relations and moveon.org to represent him in the case.  What is the big deal? Why all of the secrecy? Biden, Palin and McCain all quickly complied when asked to turn over their vaulted birth certificate, medical records, college admission records/transcripts, employment records……but Obama still refuses to turn over ANY of these documents. What is he hiding?

    We can’t smoke and mirrors around our President…Obama is suppose to be "Change We Can Believe In"….not more of the same…..where is that reality here?

    We need to him to comply so that we can trust him….if he has nothing to hide, why has he fought this so hard?  The Constitution requires these things and yet he is being defiant…what else is he hiding from us… and what else will he hide from us in the future.?…. I voted for him and I want to trust him….BUT I have to see that he can comply with the Constitution which he has sworn, and will continue to uphold….Obama is an attorney and knows the rule of law….what is this rebellion about?

    We must come together as one people and we can’t go forward unless he complies and does what the other 3 candidates did….which is what every President before him has done……verify your identity and place of birth… simple huh? It was very simple for Biden, Palin and McCain but not Obama…..why? 

    I want us to go forward with this issue out of our minds….we need to be one people and I know that Obama will not be trusted and questioned on everything going forward unless he really allows forsenic scientists to examine his vaulted copy of his birth certificate because the one on his website has been proven to be ficitiious…..

    These questions can melt away if he would just comply with the simple request….why is he so bent on hiding this information?

    Please pray that he will answer the lawsuit which was delivered to him on Aug. 21, 2008 and make us one people by putting these questions to bed.

    I am also worried that he made us massive promises in order to get our vote,  and yet, the second day after he was elected he issued a Press Release telling us, essentially cray fishing and saying things like  "you must have mis-understood that I could fix things in four years and I will probably need two terms…."  Every President inherits problems…so what?  Obama made promises that he must keep….he knew what he was getting into….he is an educated lawyer….and a s a Senator. he saw every day what needed to change….he can’t renige on his promises! He just can’t

    What happened to "Change We Can Believe In" and "Yes We Can"?

    He is already making excuses why he can’t perform…and playing the blame game… and he isn’t even sworn in yet….God in heaven help us….

    Have we all been duped?

    We Democrats now have the majority in the House, Senate and Presidency, and we don’t need one Republican vote to  change anything we need to change…..the days of blaming others and making excuses are over…..it’s fully on us now….we have no one to look to but us, for everything that goes on from now on….why can’t we walk the walk?

    No more finger pointing….no more excuses…no more broken promises….we are holding this Administration fully accountable…they hard sold us and we bought it….and we had better get what we paid for!

    Let’s have "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN"!!!

    YES WE CAN!!!!

    • Guest

      First, his sister Maya wasn’t born until 1970, so it’s impossible that she witnessed his birth.

      Second, not just FactCheck.org, but also Snopes.com has verified Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii and compared it with other Hawaiians’ documentation and found them to match. If Obama hasn’t produced anything else it’s because what he has produced is sufficient.

      Third, there is a birth announcement in a Honolulu paper from the time.

      Fourth, The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the U. of Penn. funds FactCheck.org, not the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, for which Obama once worked. The name is the same because the same billionaire philanthropist funded both programs, but that’s a fairly tenuous link. The founder of the public policy center was actually pro-McCain.

      Speaking of McCain, he was born in Panama.

      Berg is coming across as a stubborn, pedantic child here who won’t accept reality. His lawsuit was dismissed by Suitor and now he’s awaiting the Supreme Court to look at it (hint: they’re not gonna).

      Obama doesn’t have to produce any more documentation about his birth. The documentation he has supplied is sufficient for anyone. The burden of proof is now squarely on the shoulders of those making the allegation. The "prosecution," if you will, has put forward an elaborate theory without any evidence to back it up. If it’s true Obama was born in Kenya and then flown to Hawaii to be registered then Berg’s going to have to prove that’s what happened. Obama, the State of Hawaii, and at least two separate, independent online organizations have verified his certificate of live birth authentic.

      Can we get over this nonsense now, please?

      • keith

        I believe macain was a military brat. his father was stationed in that area. Probably born in a Military (American) hospital.

    • Ding Dong, you’re wrong

      “Obama’s sister Maya attests while watching him being born in a Kenyan hospital.”

      Uh – no. It was his grandmother, Sarah.

  • Guest

    Obama used his political power to deny millions of Americans the right to vote in Florida and Michigan.  We haven’t forgetten and we won’t forget.  Only a dictator uses his power to suppress the people.

    Obama’s misuse of power to deny our vote is reason enough for impeachment!

    We’re Americans!  We demand our right to vote!  We will not let a power hungry politician deny our rights!

    • Guest

      Wow. You’re going all the way back to the Dem primary? Some people just won’t let things go. Michigan broke the rules, and I don’t even remember what effed-up thing happened in Florida but the DNC did the right thing in denying Michigan and counting half of Florida. It was only fair, and at this point completely moot.

      Good luck eating those sour grapes. Obama didn’t deny anybody’s vote so quit with the melodramatic bullshit.

  • Jus’ surfin’

    I do so wish the idiots who thrive on these outlandish ideas would catch themselves up to date.  The nonsensical Berg case concerning Obama’s birth certificate was dismissed October 24.  Case closed.  Don’t know what the standing is of the one Berg filed against W and Cheney on conspiracy.  LOL  Hell, for all I know maybe they really were in on 9/11 as suit-happy-Berg says, ya think?!  (just kidding)

    Got a question for the crazy facebookers, though.  Were any of them planning to get themselves … uhhh, like elected to Congress?  I think they sort of missed the deadline to be a position to bring charges of impeachment, even post-Jan 20.  ROFL … my gawd, the freepers crack me up! … they are so into lalaland.

    Nice blog, btw.

    Take care now!

    • Guest

      I can tell you are a liberal b/c u critisize anyone who has a difference of opinion. You don’t have to get elected to congress to support a movement. Congressmen listen to their constitutents.. ya see thats why we elect them to represent us. If you think that your opinion doesn’t matter then I feel sorry for you. If our founding fathers had just sat and waited for their government to do something back in the 1700s, we would still be an English colony. Explain to me why you want to critisize people for getting behind a movement to facilitate change? There are tons of examples of people overcoming enormous odds and achieving success against government. And guess what? It started with one man who had an idea.

    • Guest

      also what outlandish ideas? ,,,Obama has never produced a birth certificate,,he produced a certificate of live birth that is availible to anyone born overseas provided their mothwer is a citizen. Its called a delayed filing. Why do you think people are filing law suits? Actually son its you who watch too much tv and have confused fantasy with reality. See TV news stations slant their stories toward the left. They demonize their oponents and try to discredidt them. They make up outright lies and convict people in the court of public opinion. And its real sad because some people forget that TV is fantasyland and they begin to think the cnn NEWS IS REALITY. Now I know you think its petty to just worry about weather Obama is REALLY a citizen but if you went to work in the WH you’d have to have a background check and thats all they want from Obama. BTW the berg case is not the only case against Obama. There are like 47 cases regarding the BC. And before you dismiss ideas as crazy maybe you should look into some of them first because you come off like a fool son. Hatriots???? You call a man that supports the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION A HATRIOT? Thats what patriots believe in,,,nothing to do with hate so WTF are you talking about???? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. I guess all these oath keepers who want to actually keep their oath to protect and defend the constitution are nuts too. Are you a communist or just an uninformed teenager?

  • Guest

    I accidentally the Election… the whole thing!

  • Guest

    Its April the 9th Lets Start the Impeachment processes

  • http://car2be.com/ Used Cadillac

    The other thing is that Facebook COO and former Google executive has written a missive for the HuffingtonPost defending former and possible future Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. The last time you heard of Summers, he was being shamed out of Harvard by feminists because he said girls just can

  • Guest

    Uh, Jason Miller, you said that Obama being a smoker is untrue…Obama has admitted in public that he’s trying to kick the habit. ‘Course this is probably way after you wrote this article but I’m just saying you shouldn’t deny things as absolute trash when they are indeed true. When you don’t know for sure, don’t blab like you know it all. It just makes you look even more like a leftist drone who dismisses any and all plausible accusations against your god obama.

  • uspatriot


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