Facebook Popular In Canada

    January 2, 2008

Toronto is the first North American city to have more than one million subscribers to Facebook according to Calgary based Zinc Research.

Brian F. Singh

Nearly half of all online Canadians are Facebook members, close to double the number reported three months ago. "2007 is the year that Facebook took Canada by storm," Brian F. Singh, Managing Director of Zinc Research said.

"In just over one year, there are now over seven million subscribers. This is phenomenal growth, and there is no indication that this is slowing down soon. Canadians love the Facebook book platform for its simplicity and ability to connect with and stay in contact with friends and family. They also appear to accept that this is the site for social networking."

Tracking reveals that among online Canadians who are members of a social network that Facebook accounts for more than three-quarters of all users. While there is a broad cross- section of Canadians who have a Facebook page, members are more likely to be younger (18 to 34 years) and female.

"With our world becoming increasingly wired, Facebook appears to be bridging the gap with our online and real lives," added Singh. "We see people who have connected with people from their past and, given how mobile we have become, being able to stay in contact friends and family from across the country and around the world – all via this easy to use and engaging platform."