Facebook Makes Subtle Changes to Design

    August 28, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has quietly made a few changes to its design. It’s not exactly a huge overhaul that will provoke the backlash that last year’s big redesign did, but just a few simple things that people shouldn’t have too much of a problem with.

In fact, consider yourself "on the ball" if you’ve even noticed them without being told about them. One difference is just a straight border look, as opposed to the rounded corners that were on the social network. This is something the Facebook team has been debating, with reasons why both are good ideas, but ultimately, they decided the straight approach was more in tune with what Facebook is about.

"As part of the effort to simplify our visual style, the design team recently decided to go back to our square corner roots," says Facebook’s Alexandre Roche. "In doing so, we hope to champion cleanliness and the razor cut look that Facebook is known for."

Facebook Before


Facebook After


Another change you might notice is tha the blue header bar now extends the entire width of your screen. The other change has to do with Facebook ads.

One nice thing about Facebook ads from the user perspective is that you always have the power to show Facebook your approval or disapproval. This is important since these ads are highly targeted based on your personal information (from your profile).

Before, Facebook allowed you to give an ad a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down." That was simple enough, but it wasn’t exactly consistent with the approach used on regular Facebook content like status updates, which of course include the "like" feature.

Facebook evidently decided they might as well make the whole thing uniform, because now instead of the thumbs up/thumbs down, the options are now "like" and "x". They work the same way, but they just fit better with the rest of the site now.