Facebook Fairy Caught Ditching Work

    November 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Which is worse: Your boss seeing you dressed as a fairy, or being photographed with a can of Busch beer in your hand? Yeah, I’m going with fairy.

I’m not going to name names. I’m just going to point and let you giggle. Not for nothin’ (as some Yankee friends say), but for a valuable lesson learned.

Facebook Fairy Caught Ditching Work

As a general rule in life: Never write anything down; no photographs; no video; no receipts. And if your boss thinks you’ve called into work for a family emergency, don’t let your buddies capture your fairy moment and publish it on Facebook.

Ah well. You’re only an intern once, I guess. 

And when your boss passes the fairy Facebook picture all around the office via email. It’s probably best to have them mail you your final check.