Facebook Delays Profile Redesign

By: Doug Caverly - April 14, 2008

Anyone sitting on the edge of his seat in anticipation of Facebook’s redesigned profiles should probably lean back a bit; their release has been delayed until "later this spring," according to the company.

Facebook Profile Updates
 Profile Updates On The Way

That could mean mid-June, if Facebook really wants to push the approaching-summer envelope.  Users aren’t likely to get too upset, though – the average user likely doesn’t know an update is on the way.  And developers may even be thankful; it seems much of the delay is due to the implementation of their requests.

"Recently we’ve reached out to the developer community by holding two roundtable events and conducting a survey of the Facebook Developer website," wrote Pete Bratach on the Facebook Developers blog.  "We’ve also been taking into consideration the feedback we’ve received at the developer-feedback@facebook.com address.  Since then, we’ve been reviewing your comments and incorporating your feedback constructively wherever appropriate."

Bratach also stated, "[R]est assured, we will give you a period of time so you can update your applications before the profile is released to our users."

A hat tip goes to Neil Vidyarthi.  We’ll let you guys decide if Facebook deserves a nod, as well.

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