Facebook Catches eBay In The UK

    August 5, 2008

A fair number of WebProNews readers like Facebook.  Even more seem to have strong anti-eBay feelings.  Here’s some good news, then: in a certain region, Facebook’s beaten eBay UK in terms of monthly visits.

Facebook received 2.75 percent of all June UK Internet visits, according to Hitwise’s Robin Goad.  eBay, meanwhile, got only 2.46 percent, and from the look of Goad’s graph, the situation isn’t going to reverse itself anytime soon.

Richard Kimber
 Facebook Leaves eBay Behind
(Photo Credit: Hitwise)

This should mean Facebook has a lock on being the third-most visited website in the UK, and developers and advertisers can be expected to celebrate the achievement.  The only problem – and it’s a problem for a company other than Facebook – is that the social network is actually within striking distance of second place.

Hitwise found that Windows Live Mail has a not-insurmountable market share of 3.04 percent (and Goad notes, "hasn’t suddenly shot up the rankings!  In fact, the webmail service changed its URL structure last year and traffic to the new URL only normalized from the start of this year").

Google UK, for its part, has such a hold on first place that its share can’t be shown with the same diagram.