Facebook, CareerBuilder Collaborate On Ads

    April 1, 2008

For most people, Facebook is still a social network – more about palling around than seeking a new job.  Yet it never hurts to have an opportunity dropped in one’s lap, and a new Facebook-CareerBuilder collaboration aims to let employers do some advertising.

Facebook and CareerBuilder Working Together
 CareerBuilder’s Existing Presence On Facebook

With all of the information available most people’s profiles, targeted ads on Facebook should provide a good way for companies to connect with would-be workers.  Want to get the attention of recent Harvard grads?  Or kids who only took two years to get through college?  The program could deliver.

Facebook itself should benefit if the attention of any professionals is drawn away from sites like LinkedIn.  And that’s not counting whatever money (financial details remain undisclosed) will come in as a direct result of the ads.

Of course, some users are bound to be quite happy with their current jobs, and Facebook claims they needn’t worry about getting bugged to apply elsewhere.  David Kaplan reports, "Facebook insisted that it won’t be inserting the ads without users’ permission."

Given the economy’s questionable state, and the usual grass-is-greener outlook, permission will likely be granted in a lot of cases.