4 Ezine Joint Venture Marketing Secrets!

    September 15, 2003

1) Trade Your Product For An E-zine Ad

You could ask an e-zine publisher to run your ad in exchange for getting your product at no cost. The product should be something that would interest them.

2) Write An E-zine Testimonial For An E-zine Ad

Write a testimonial for an e-zine. Tell the e-zine publishers they have permission to run it in their e-zine. You could write about how much you enjoy it and how the e-zine has improved your life. Just include your signature file (ad) at the end of the testimonial. You should first ask the e-zine publishers if they would publish your testimonial in their e-zine if you take the time to write it.

3) Commission For Publishing Your Articles

You could tell e-zine publishers or web site owners they can make money publishing your articles. They would just have to join your affiliate program and place their affiliate link in your resource box (ad).

4) Original Content For An Ongoing E-zine Ad

You could offer an e-zine publisher ongoing, original content in exchange for an ongoing e-zine ad. You could just set up a deal to write a regularly scheduled column. Plus, if you don’t want the hassle of starting your own e-zine, this is a good way to acquire a huge subscriber base for your offer all at once.

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