EveryZing Rolls Up Ramp To Universal Search

    April 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The core EveryZing business of speech to text technology added a new component, called RAMP, to its search and optimization technologies for indexing multimedia content and making it available to search crawlers.

EveryZing evolved a bit since we first covered them amid the podcast industry hype a couple of years ago. Formerly known as PodZinger, the BBN spinoff company rebranded itself as online video began grabbing millions of visitors.

When we talked with EveryZing CEO Tom Wilde ahead of the company’s news today, a deal with Cox Radio that adds EveryZing technology to their content, he discussed the rise of universal search and the importance of making multimedia content friendlier to the search engines that will present it to people.

Last June, Wilde noted how EveryZing moved into becoming a hosting platform. He said the RAMP announcement builds upon the existing technology they offer: EZSearch and EZSEO. RAMP, an acronym for Reach, Access, Monetization and Protection, provides the management console for the two services.

Cox will use it to produce thousands of topic pages in an SEO-friendly way. The technology behind EveryZing, seen at sites like MarketWatch and Boston.com, lets people search multimedia content for a phrase, and jump to the point in the rich media where the keyword appears.

If you think about it, the technology impresses. In the last five years, $50 million was spent on updating it to handle online rich media, and make the technology speaker-independent; it doesn’t need to “listen” to spoken content from PC speakers to do its magic.

That led to a question about the technology, “How accurate is it?” Those familiar with closed captioning, a human-powered mechanism, won’t be surprised to know it’s more accurate than EveryZing, but not by a huge margin, though Wilde allows that EveryZing’s accuracy ranges from 80 to 95 percent depending on the content source.

EveryZing will promote its management and content control mechanisms of RAMP, as the console for their core services enters wide availability. If EveryZing can keep rolling up news publishers and bringing search visitors to that content, we expect universal search from the big search engines to improve greatly over time.