EU: Google, DoubleClick Privacy? No Worries

    October 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The European Competition Commission that has vexed Microsoft for years will look at Google’s potential DoubleClick acquisition solely on competitive grounds.

An expected rubber-stamp from the US Federal Trade Commission for the Google-DoubleClick deal could be followed swiftly by approval from the European Union.

Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner, said in The Guardian they would look at the competition aspects of the deal, not the privacy related concerns that have been brought up about the deal in America:

The commissioner, who has until October 26 to decide, has said: “We are looking at the influence on competition and that’s it.”

Google has tried to define the DoubleClick deal as a complementary one, where its existing paid search revenue stream would be paired with DoubleClick’s display ad model.

However, the pairing also brings a multitude of personal information together about web surfers, should the deal take place. The Electronic Privacy Information Center EPIC has complained for months about the proposed merger on privacy grounds, and recently petitioned the FTC to block it.