Enterprise RSS Feeds

    April 28, 2006

The Gilbane Content Management Conference – Although content management systems are based on XML technology, not many offer RSS feeds.

Here are some figures from the enterprise RSS session

15% of the attendees came to listen to the enterprise RSS session.

All of them were reading RSS feeds personally.

Yet none of them was using feeds to syndicate the content on their corporate websites. Isn’t that fascinating? They all knew the vlaue of feeds yet they were not offering that value to their customers and users.

About 50% raised their hands on the question “Are you planning to do so in the next year?”

Again the focus at this conference was on content management and use within the enterprise behind the firewall, but there was strong interest in all applications of RSS from the attendees.

30% responded to an offer of the whitepaper on The Business Case for RSS .

After listening to the presentation and the questions I am even more convinced that PRESSfeed’s enterprise RSS version will solve a lot of the problems.

  • RSS Goes Into the Enterprise
    Enterprises that pass on RSS may be neglecting a technology that drives costs down and goes far beyond the blogosphere.

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