Enterprise Blogging In Practice

    January 24, 2005

Cot’s Weblog gives us interesting insights about internal blogging in the case study Enterprise Blogging in Practice.

If you in any way consider trying blogging behind the firewall you should read it.

One experience is that you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much — but also that there are people willing to see what a blog can do.

“At the department level, I wouldn’t say the blogs have been a wide-reaching, ragging success, primarily because people don’t post to them as much as you’d hope. However, for the people who do post to and read the blogs, they’ve been very successful.”

Michael Cot’s notes tells us, among many other things, what people post about at his company.

  • News stories.
  • Status of various tests.
  • Brain-storming.
  • Sharing customer visit/phone call notes.
  • The “I exist” posts.
  • Soliciting ideas/help.
  • Off-topic posts.
  • The biggest problem, according to Cot, is the limited search capabilities.

    “Without Google-quality search on your intranet (near real-time and full indexing, quick search results, page-rank, etc.), it’s extremely hard to find anything on the intranet let alone blog posts on relevant topics.”

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