eHarmony Settles Lawsuit, Starts Gay Site

Set to Launch Same-Sex Dating Service

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eHarmony is releasing a new same-sex matching service starting by the end of March. This service is the product of legal problems the company has been dealing with out of New Jersey and California. A gay man in Jersey sued the company for not catering to same-sex relationships as a violation of his rights in the state of New Jersey, and earlier in the year, a gay woman from San Francisco filed a suit against the company for being denied access to eHarmony’s service because of her sexuality. Reuters reports:

The settlement was the result of a discrimination complaint filed by Eric McKinley against eHarmony in 2005, which will be dismissed under the settlement agreement.

eHarmony was founded in 2000 by evangelical Christian Dr. Neil Clark Warren and had ties with the influential religious conservative group Focus on the Family.

eHarmony issued a statement regarding the settlement and discussing the new site called Compatible Partners:

"Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business, we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case with the Attorney General since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable," said eHarmony, Inc. legal counsel Theodore B. Olson.  "eHarmony looks forward to moving beyond this legal dispute, which has been a burden for the company, and continuing to advance its business model of serving individuals by helping them find successful, long-term relationships."

Evidently there will be no crossover between the two sites. In other words, eHarmony users will not be matched with Compatible Partners users. The two sites will maintain their own matching pools, registration information, and subscriptions. The separate matching pools are based on whether the user chooses to seek an opposite- or same-sex relationship.

eHarmony Settles Lawsuit, Starts Gay Site
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  • Arthur

    This is nothing but harassment perpetrated by willing conspirators.

    Our ‘justice’ system is proving itself to be a puppet of the political whims of those with enough money.

    The next lawsuit will be over the ‘quality’ of service provided by the alternative site, and will be a constant problem for the developers, which I’m pretty sure is the strategy of the plaintiffs.

    • matt

      I’m all for gay rights, but this seems questionable.

      This sets a horrible precedent for any service industry. Why shouldn’t a company be allowed to cater to one group of people?  With this reasoning, The same should now be applied for any sites devoted to gay dating, that they are forced to have a heterosexual site as well. It’s like saying there can’t be any web sites devoted to any national or racial heritage!

      If we’ve come in this society to resorting ONLY to lawsuits to get change, we’re doomed.

      • http://www.kennychronicles.com Garrett Williams

         In addition to that, there’s a dating site just for geeks. Shall the tech-newbies be catered to?

        The plaintiff’s proper response to the hetero-only rule should have been, "I’ll take my business elsewhere." That’s how capitalism works.

        • Adam_Smith

          Unfortunately, arguments from capitalism are not going to get you very far with the leftists who are the animating force behind lawsuits like this. These narcissists believe that their point of view is so self-evidently right and just, and that their opponents are so obviously evil and bigoted, that trampling on liberty and freedom (the fundamental bases of capitalism) is completely justified, nay required!

          Not to mention their nagging belief that capitalism itself probably falls in the evil category anyway, so maybe it’s just killing two birds with one stone.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    Such as bogus lawsuit, its really not up to these guys to tell a company to create a service that isn’t there in the first place.  But I bet eHarmony found this idea to be a good one, creating another site to cater gays and just went ahead with it, hey, more profit for them.

    • Guest

      Good for you Diamonds!!

      This is like Japan suing General Motors because one of their Chevy dealers don’t sell any Toyotas. These dysfunctional people obsess themselves with suing to force their abnormal and jaded lifestyles on society. When are the courts going to get a hold of their ‘Balls’ and start dissallowing these malicious and frivilous suits from even being considered.  All the money these Queers’, yes that’s right, Queers, meaning weird and abnormal, put into these efforts should be spent on seeking some mental help so they could adapt to society better. – And PLEASE, don’t comment with chants of prejudice or racist crap whining, this is about Reality and freedom of speach!
      This group of individuals chose this way of life, so they need to keep in in their closet, no one wants to see them in the open shoving foreign objects in their bodies and hugging and kissing each other while they protest Washinton!


  • http://summaham.wordpress.com Summer Hamilton

    I agree with Garrett that the plantiff should have just gone to one of the dozens of gay matching sites, not sued eHarmony. There is no legal basis for it.

    Any private business has the right to target whatever section of society they choose. Those that fall outside the target need not sue; that is ridiculous and frivolous. And for the record eHarmony was found to not be in violation of the discrimination law for which is was sued.

    What saddens me about this is that
    a) eHarmony folded to legal pressure even when they were not in the wrong
    b) this sets a precedent that we’ll see repeated in the future. They will continue to attack any organization, decision or person that stands opposed to their agenda, even though that person’s agenda is just as legitimate as theirs. Case in point: the uproar and outrage coast to coast when Prop 8 passed in California. The voters simply spoke about what marriage is, and G&Ls nationwide were outraged, and felt that their agenda somehow supercedes that of the majority of voting Californians. Pretty arrogant if you ask me. In the future we’ll see more of this, not less.

  • Guest

    PLEASE – Enough!!

    Can’t these whining complaing law suit happy ‘Queer’s just go off to some Queer bar in W. Hollywood somwhere and drink themselves into oblivion. They chose their jaded abnormal lifestyle, then they want to sue everyone that doesn’t accept them! Notice I sadi Queers, now sure that’s going to piss off a lot of them, but that’s what they were referred to for years, they changed the name to Gays so it would sound happy and fun. The word Queer is far more applicable as it states the fact, weird and abnormal. Now here’s the real hard fact and upsetting situation:

    It’s one thing for a group of people who have self chosen to live a jaded or abnormal lifestyle, but when these ranting homosexuals want to be able to force their jaded and abnormal lifestyles on society and expect automatic acceptance it’s time to say ‘Enough!’. Then what’s even more discusting, immoral and frightening, women want to marry women and men want to marry men then adopt a poor vulnerable child who has no ability to say ‘No’, no choice in his/her future and would be subject to be ‘Forced’ into an abnormal lifestyle filled with confusion and dysfunction.

    Fact, men can’t birth children with men and women can’t birth a child with women! So what right do these people who have chosen to go off into some jaded sexual path have in forcing a young child into their lifestyle without any opportunity to grow up Normal?!
    Enough is Enough with this ‘Poor Pity Party’ whining from a group of people who have chosen to alienate themselves from society and go off on some sexual perversive and jaded lifestyle path!

    The problem is, many government officials are too concerned about votes to voice this fact that almost all of them agree on. The U.S. of A. is a finished country from what it once stood for, morals, ethics and dececy of fair play have been thrown away for fear of votes.

    When will America ever wake up to reality. If homosexuals cannot naturally birth children, then they have NO RIGHT to adopt them!

    Instead of Whining, protesting and filing suits, they need to seek some help!

    • Bob Smithers

      Wow…it’s interesting that you were too pathetic to actually identify yourself as more than "Guest" but I guess your veiled anonomity is probably the only thing that allowed you to feel comfortable writing such a perverse, twisted post.

      The problem with America is that people like you are still here and are as stupid as you come across.  I’d much rather see a child raised in a loving, accepting home with a man and a man or a woman and a woman than with you and your prejudices.

      The sad part is that no one is policing whether or not you should have kids.  Imagine what a better place the world would be if people like you weren’t allowed to have children – I know I’d feel better about things.

      • Guest

        If look at a naked man and then a woman, it is very clear want is meant to be, Believe in evolution or Creation reality is there in our face.. So if someone feels uncomfortable around a gay guy, which is a men seek out other men to screw them in the crapper… Well that is a straight persons right. I know several gay folks and most of them are the most insecure and depressed people I’ve known. “you must accect me for what I am” they say.. We have the freedom to believe what we want, and I am not going to put someone on the back for being Queer.
        On the same note, we do not need Homos to accept us..
        Make a stand for what is right and true.

    • Kristopher Vis

      “They chose their jaded abnormal lifestyle, then they want to sue everyone that doesn’t accept them! Notice I sadi Queers, now sure that’s going to piss off a lot of them…”

      > First of all… “jaded abnormal”?? There are FAR more ‘straight’ people that fit that description than not. Being gay does NOT make you jaded, nor abnormal. Sounds like you are jaded and abnormal, to me…

      “…when these ranting homosexuals want to be able to force their jaded and abnormal lifestyles on society and expect automatic acceptance it’s time to say ‘Enough!'”

      > NOBODY is forcing a lifestyle on ANYONE. If anything “society” is forcing their lifestyle on them. I don’t know ONE homosexual that expects acceptance from ANYONE. However, DOES expect to have ALL of the same rights as EVERYONE else. I (and MANY others) don’t agree with you…. does that mean the law should prevent your existence?

      “So what right do these people who have chosen to go off into some jaded sexual path have in forcing a young child into their lifestyle without any opportunity to grow up Normal?!
      Enough is Enough with this ‘Poor Pity Party’ whining from a group of people who have chosen to alienate themselves from society…”

      > “jaded sexual path”… still laughing at the ignorance in that statement… The ONLY problem these children you speak of will have, is dealing with people of YOUR opinion. Love and appreciation will NOT be lost in a household of gay men/women. Nor does it mean the child will grow up homosexual either. It is NOT contageous.

      “When will America ever wake up to reality. If homosexuals cannot naturally birth children, then they have NO RIGHT to adopt them!”

      > There are MANY “straight” men and women that cannot “naturally birth” a child. Should they not be allowed to be married?? No human can “naturally birth” a dog, or cat… does that mean we have “NO RIGHT to adopt them”??

    • Seattle

      Pertaining to your birthing children line you freak.
      I am a homosexual, and I gave birth to my children through oh’ natural means—and I do have the right to adopt children too.
      I am a very successful woman in the Seattle community. I have a very sound ethical, moral and financial basis. My children (4 of them) are all grown—and heterosexual, with families of their own—but I am still a lesbian and always will be.
      I don’t whine, protest or file law suites against people. So, now I am wondering why you think I need help blogger.

    • erin

      For all you people citing that “Queer” means abnormal try dusting off your dictionaries…
      Queer actuality is defined as:

      strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular: a queer notion of justice.

      Look how it says a “conventional” viewpoint…though gays may not be conventional neither are right winged ignorant people

  • Lisa Lee

    Until you’ve been on the recieving end of a frivolous lawsuit, it’s difficult to imagine what a financial and potentially psychological burden it is to your business.

    This is another one of those situations where I shake my head and think, any time someone is fortunate enough to be successful, there are sharks swimming and waiting to go in for the kill.

    I won’t repeat all of the other arguments posted previously. They were spot on.

    I have friends who are gay and a sister who is gay. There are plenty of sites out there who cater to their needs for online dating. This lawsuit was a personal vendetta against the founder. I don’t necessarily believe in his hardline religious beliefs, but my god the guy has a right to cater to the whatever audiences he wishes.

    I hope this new service is wildly successful and makes him even more millions. It’s the least he deserves for the time, effort and money this lawsuit has drained from the company.

  • http://blog-loan-info.blogspot.com dhablue

    Any private business has the right to target whatever section of society they choose. Those that fall outside the target need not sue; that is ridiculous and frivolous. And for the record eHarmony was found to not be in violation of the discrimination law for which is was sued.

  • http://www.redtube.eu Guest

     In addition to that, there’s a dating site just for geeks. Shall the tech-newbies be catered to?

  • Guido

    If you want to see a live version of the liberal agenda and possibly what is to come in the next few years, look no further than this story. You have a private business started by a Christian man. He has a selected target market – heterosexual singles – that he is marketing a product towards. He does not post any discriminating, derogatory, offensive or otherwise hateful content on his website – he just targets his intented target market. Then add a gay guy from Jersey and a judge and you get this. I know this did not go to trial but the judge should have thrown this out before it ever got to this point. Should this have come to trial and the gay guy had won, do you have any idea how socialist this is? The basis of socialism is that we the people are stupid and make stupid decisions, but judges and government bureaucrats make smart decisions and therefor we the stupid should let those smart bureaucrats make all our decisions for us. Name one government program that the government "runs well." The answer is nothing, unless your version of "runs well" means that it hasn’t come to a grinding halt. I have a small business and the only people who should be telling me what marketing decisions to make are my stakeholders. Our economy could actually work if the government would just stay out as much as possible.

    • Guest

      I agree AMERICA was already founded we don’t need to do it again in order for AMERICA to succeed we must go with the foundation we received originally and not change it the founders of AMERICA they are being dishonored and disgraced by how we in AMERICA are living our lives no morals whatsoever  

    • Guest

      You fail to recognize that the internet is a public trust and, just like the brodcast airwaves, is owned by the people. Thus, it is subject to equal rights under the law. You can not offer a sevice that does not allow for EVERY person that accesses it, otherwise it is discrimination which is illegal.

      I think that Eharmony should be forced to allow a man to search for a man and a woman to search for a woman, or allow people to just do an open search for people with similar interest.

      They (e-harmony) are forcing people to only seek people of the opposite sex. You may be surprised to find a person of the same sex as you on the site that has very similar interests, and begin a great friendship with them.

      It is a bit of narrow mindedness that thinks someone would not allow this into their thoughts.

      • Guest

        NO. you are wrong! No one is forcing anyone to do anything. If you are gay, why even bother with eHarmony. This is not a gay hostile site, it is just not intended for gays. Do you get pissed off when you go to the grocery store and can’t find brake pads for your ’34 Oldsmobile? The store is not hostile to cars, it is just intended to serve a different purpose. This is just another instance of special “rights” for a minority agenda and having “gay is ok” mentality forced upon the general population. Mark my words, in 50 years, thiese same arguments will be used to approve of pedophiles and the “right” to marry 7 year olds. Don’t believe me, look at the history of the gay “rights” movement aand the arguments they have used to get where they are. Gay is not ok, I am not homophobic nor a bigot, just someone who maintains a set of morals that have been around for a very long time. They say the right is driving a wedge in our society, when it is the liberal society that continues to erode traditional moral values and continues to move further and further to the left. It only seems the right is getting more extreme, because from the liberals unending movement further left, it seems that way.

      • Erock

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of sheech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petion the government for a redress of grievances.
        – That is the 1st Amendment, we have the right to practice of religion, speech and press. If that exercise is to cater to straight people so be it. There are plenty of Gay sites catering to gay desires and this their right, run the business the way you like. Homosexual groups like GLAD and others; are seeking out Doctors, Adoption Agencies and businesses; that do NOT believe in fertilizing lesbians, giving kids to sodomites and Christian businesses to legally force them to do what the Gays believe. Should Gay sites Have to Have Bible scriptures on them, giving Christians equal time and space. Should a burger joint be forced to serve Pizza and Chinese, to give equal time to Italian and Asian food? No… We have the right to beleive, speak, run a buiness the way we want..
        The gay groups are stretching the laws to get thier way and liberal Judges are just doing what they want, no matter the Constitution and law.
        We the 96% majority must make a stand, because what they want next is to teach our kids about their sexual desire, in hopes of recruiting them. In court or face to face we must make a stand.

        • Guest

          Hehehehe…you just gotta love the ignorance!

    • Ben

      I think what you say is the truth. While I’m glad there is going to be a gay site like Eharmony (and hopefully lives up to the original), I found the idea of suing this site (and man) completely stupid. I emailed long ago about the site seemingly only geared for straight couples. I was not shunned or hated in the process. I received a nice and meaningful reply that this site was not geared for gay or bisexual couples. I was fine with that, a little sad, but fine. No one should have tried suing him, as he was only connecting straight people together. I also agree that the judge should have thrown this out. It’s like going back to the McDonald’s issues—hot coffee. Well DUH!! Just because you are not bright enough to understand it, or it doesn’t include you—that does NOT give you the right to force it to change. These types of people are going to make the world even worse than it has already become. And it seems it’s not going to change any time soon. I’m glad I don’t know anyone as sue happy as these people.

  • http://www.mesrianilaw.com/ LAlawblogger

    With the current  debate regarding Proposition 8, I think more and more people will see changes in the way we treat people. Gender discrimination is surely a major offense against any person.


  • http://www.attorneyservicesetc.com Postergal

    Respecting ones preference is one way of living a peaceful environment. Several dating exists but with less controversy. Why does same sex dating service be any different?

  • Guest

    I’m bi-sexual so when I’ve used dating services I do CHOOSE to use the ones that have more than just the heterosexual option, the operative word being CHOOSE. I don’t quite understand how this lawsuit came to be exactly because if they don’t cater to someone for whatever reason, without advertising bigotry, you then CHOOSE not to use their website service. I don’t agree with the fact that they were required to either add or setup a same sex site. In fact, with them creating one that is very detached from their main site, is far more asinine. It’s then just another website, it doesn’t change anything. I can kind of equate it to the fact that I’m Jewish and if I went to a hardcore Christian dating site and sued them because when I was picking what my religion is and Judaism isn’t on the list. This kind of lawsuit has caused us to take 2 steps backward in the fight to abolish Prop 8. Not to mention some bit of irony. Had this gone to trial and eHarmony lost which then the goverment would take action to make it so it wasn’t just a straight site and then turn around and put massive effort into preventing same sex marriages.

    • Guest

      Fortunately anti-discrimination laws are implement to prevent a protected class from exclusion. Because if left to haters own devices, thats what they do, hate. They do it in the workplace, and teach it to their young. So, if you understand this concept, then you should understand why if you are in business, you have to obey the laws of the land in which you do business. California include homosexuals as a part of its constitution to enjoy all the rights giving to everyone who lives here. This law applies across the board, not just when you feel like it.

      • Guest

        It’s people like you that give ‘being gay’ a bad rap. And it’s people like you that make me want to hate gays. And if I want to hate gays, guess what? That’s my right. So keep it up…

  • Guest

    matt, garrett and adam- I wish more people thought like you guys…I completely agree with you.

  • Guest

    I am going to sue Ford for not carrying parts for my Honda. It is downright discriminatory toward us Honda owners. I should have the same rights and priveleges at their dealership as a Ford owner. This country has become ignorant and embarrassing. I guess we will see moe of this.

    • Guest

      Completely illogical. You should go back to school (if you ever went in the first place) and study philosophy, jurisprudence, and logic.

    • Guest

      Uh, you’re comparing apples to oranges here. You were not BORN a Honda driver. Homosexuality is inborn, just as heterosexuality is. If I as a gay man cannot access the same rights and privileges as a straight man because of my sexual orientation, then that is discrimination. But if you’re a Honda owner calling Ford for replacement parts, either get the RIGHT phone number for Honda or go out and buy a Ford. This makes about as much sense as smokers crying over no-smoking laws; you are no more born to smoke than you were born to drive a Honda.

      Check your logic. THINK for once in your life!

  • http://www.giveawaylegalforms.com/ Legal Forms

    I’m like everyone else these days, all for the changes in rights etc., but when will this kind of rediculous amount of sueing ever end? Seriously, I like the earlier comment about sueing Ford because they don’t carry Honda parts – perhaps one day they might, but for now, I’ve got the feeling Ford will stick to Ford parts. Unfortunately it seems the legal system gets swamped with this kind of thing all the time, when real justice needs to be brought about in other cases.

  • http://lowongan-pekerjaanterbaru.blogspot.com/ lowongan kerja terbaru

    The plaintiff’s proper response to the hetero-only rule should have been, “I’ll take my business elsewhere.” That’s how capitalism works.

    • JR

      AY-MEN. I am a Gay man, but I was still taken aback that 1) someone sued Eharmony when there are so many dating sites for same sex coupels to turn to, and 2) Eharmony buckled under and settled the suit. In no way is anyone, save a medical care provider, obligated to provide services to every single person darkening their doorstep, and in no way am I obligated to spend my $ at a business whose practices i disagree with. A far better response would have been to set up an even better dating site for Gay and straight people.
      Can a straight man sue ManHunt.com or Adam4Adam for failing to provide women for him to meet? Can a Judaica gift and art store be sued for failing to carry crucifixes or the New Testament?

  • terrence

    a lot of people are appalled that they “folded” to legal pressure, maybe they werent afraid of losing a lawsuit but rather they were tired of the negative press? even other heterosexual dating sites targeted them for that very reason. personally i dont think they needed to add a gay site in order to bring in more users. if they dont believe having a gay option on their site is necessary, however bigoted and small minded it may be, it is their choice.

    • Guest

      It’s pretty obvious to me that e-harmony has wanted to make this financial move for quite some time, but didn’t want to alienate their Christian fundamentalist clients.

      A pretty good ploy, and shallow minded people will continue to support them.

  • bratliff

    I wish that Dr. Clark hadn’t succumbed to pressures to settle — especially since his company wasn’t (as I’ve read in many of the comments here) in violation of any law. It really disturbs me when I see this kind of thing happening in our “so-called” free society. We’re creating a society where freedom is only afforded to some and not all. I’m afraid for our country and our children. Not only is this unfair, it is downright criminal. I hope the new site withers and dies — not because I want Dr. Clark to fail, but I want people to see that none of us has the right to force anyone to do or not do — whatever.

  • can of worms.

    This news hurts on so many levels. In no way do I promote hatred towards anyone. But people have been winning some VERY unconstitutional lawsuits. And that is unfair. What law states that refusing business to someone on the account of your own personal religilous belief is considered illegal? There isn’t one. Businesses have the right to refuse service at any time, unless it is a health care issue. And Dr. Neil Clark Warren has shown his true colors. He is, was, and always will be financially motivated and this proves it. If he truly was a devout follower of his so-called religion, he would have NEVER added same-sex dating as an option. And before you try to tell me that I’m homophobic and a religious nut, let me assure you that I know some really cool gay people and consider them friends. This whole thing is about another form of discrimination: one that goes against a person’s religious beliefs. And it’s also about someone who obviously had the intention to sell out from day one. This is opening a can of worms, possibly even a Pandora’s Box.

    • Evangelist Nidicka Frederick

      Let’s Talk Christian Counsel will be launching its Christian social networking site Let’s talk Christian Connections in which we will be introducing mature, adult Christians who are ready for marriage to one another. This site will offer Christian singles an opportunity to connect based on communication with one another and not on a dating compatibility profile. There will be one flat fee (annually) under twenty dollars to help us to afford the maintenance and upkeep of the website.

      This idea was actually inspired by one of our single Prayer Warriors who is trusting God to present her perfect mate. Believing in Dr. Warren’s evangelical philosophies, she thought eharmony would be a worthy searching ground (because faith without works is dead). She was excited to view free profiles to become quickly diappointed in the expensive fees. We discussed at length that we did not believe God would bring us to that site to imply “only those hwo could afford true love would find it”. We knew right away, before finding out about eharmony’s sadly succumbing to the request of sinners, that God was placing on our hearts to start something new, exciting and different. We want you and anyone else who visits our site to know that we will never succumb to greed, fear, or intimidation. We are on a mission to undo the enemies efforts to convince God’s people that thaey are unworthy or incapable of finding true love.

      Please visit www.letstalkchristiancounsel.com and inquire about our upcoming service. Also enjoy our articles of faith, tesimonials, and online counseling sessions for free!

  • Guest

    This is crazy! It’s as crazy as suing a Christian bookstore for not carrying buddist or islamic products or vice versa. If you know it doesn’t cater to your beliefs then go somewhere that does.

  • thomasAlex

    Although I do not believe Separate is Equal. More suits should follow on the basis of “Dating site segregation”. I am also not favoring the Name of the site and what it implies. Gays can legally get married in parts of the World and in 4 states so far in the US. Implying that they can just have a relationship without marriage, is irresponsible.

  • Celio Freitas Viad

    Please, if you are a young, gorgeous boy, mail me:

  • Kylie

    I support Gay Marriage

    This works to controvert efforts to obtain rights for Gay couples. These are the cases that are held up as the type of eroding protection for another class if someone else received protections. And it is not that way. More protections for Gays does not mean less protections for straights or the religious.

    It is good business for them to serve this community but the market should determine what business services are offered. And to force that brings about a personal gut check.

    Individuals have rights to marry, and run their business.

  • Erin

    WOW! I can’t believe some of these ignorant comments regarding gays in this day and age. I am not gay but I have friends who are and they are professional, honest and loving people who simply want the same rights as everyone else who is straight.
    Of course most of these comments are from die hard Catholics and Christians who, lets face it, recite and follow a religion that is “God fearing” and are so afraid of going to this false place hell.
    It is nobody’s business what goes on in someone’s bedroom–get a life already. Oh and by the way for those who live by the Bible you can race homosexuality in there too. Not to mention a few murderers..And lets not forget all the molestors and pedifiles who were condemed rightfully that claimed to “follow Gods word..” That’s pretty gross and abnormal isn’t it? Of course those who follow this path will undoubtly have some defense to these sick men and their sins.
    As far as gays adopting children, well, I am sure those needy children will be happy that their lives will be improved from where they came from.
    People read some studies on this matter–children who are raised in a homosexual family are no more likely to be gay themselves that children who grow up in a straight home–gays do not have a higher prevelance of being child molestors or rapists than you do–nor are they “sick.” The large populations are actually professional and stable individuals who have plenty to offer to God, neighbors and their communities. So is ignorance really bliss?

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