Economy Won’t Dampen NCAA Office Pools

    March 13, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

You might think a rough economy would put a damper on March Madness office pools this year. Not so, says Microsoft. In fact, according to their survey, Americans are betting their brackets will outperform their 401(k) this year.
NCAA Basketball
Well, about a fifth of them are expecting that, anyway. The FBI, because apparently it has nothing better to do, estimates Americans wager more than $2.5 billion every year on who’s going to win the NCAA basketball championship.

MSN’s Hoops Hysteria Survey reveals 45 percent plan to at least enter one tournament pool this year, and 20 percent plan to enter three or more. Over half will fork over $20 to play while about 15 percent will drop less than year. About 10 percent are planning to be college hoops party poopers by insisting on responsible money management during uncertain economic times.

Besides, that could dip into their St. Patty’s Day green beer money. Bad times are good times for drinkin’, right?
SIM Matchup
MySpace is already on top of things this year, announcing its Bracket Challenge, sponsored by vitaminwater. The most accurate bracket on MySpace scores himself $10,000. will be providing a nifty game simulator for those who don’t want to trust their guts or their knowledge of college sports.