eBay Wants Its Sellers Back

Makes Feedback and Payment Policy Changes

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eBayEarly last year, eBay inflicted some damaging policy changes that sent many sellers running for the hills. Now, they apparently are changing the rules to remove negative comments left by customers towards the sellers.

A couple months ago I talked to a number of eBay sellers, and all but one of them told me that eBay’s feedback policy was their biggest frustration. It now seems that eBay has decided to hear the howls of disgust from its users that have been going on for the majority of the past year. Ecommerce Journal reports:

The move to change the Feedback policy was prompted by numerous requests made by the cross-border sellers who received negative comments from customers while there wasn’t actual fault with the merchants. Now eBay will be removing feedback if: the listing meets the Customs Requirements and/or the seller receives a negative or neutral Feedback comment, which references customs delays or customs fees. Merchants in turn are obliged to advise the buyers that import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

There was also a lot of frustration about eBay’s payment policy. Many were enraged by the favoritism showed to eBay-owned PayPal. eBay will reportedly now be adding Moneybookers and PayMate as acceptable methods of payment starting in February.

Paymate and Moneybookers to be accepted by eBay

eBay users have been quite vocal in their displeasure with the famous auction site. It seems unlikely that many of them that have been so passionate will be willing to go back to eBay just because they finally acknowledged these issues. But the brand power that eBay carries does pull a lot of weight. Are you (or were you) an eBay seller? What do you think?

eBay Wants Its Sellers Back
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  • Guest

    The amount of resentment that EBay generated in the last year with its idiotic and abusive policies will not be undone quickly. They treated their core base of sellers like unwanted trash, in their pursuit of the big bucks sellers, and now are paying the price. The sellers WERE the buyers in most cases, and the changes were deeply self-sabotaging to the site. Firing Donohoe and implementing some major revisions–like abandoning the worthless Best Match and DSR policies–would be a good start.

  • Guest

    The changes started in early 08 when John Donahoe took over the reigns from Meg Whitman. I am currently a seller on the site.

    The changes have been nothing short of disastrous. Many sellers have left. New venues are and have sprung up. Bonanzle is a stand-out. If Ebay doesn’t change their arrogant course of action, this site will be nothing more than a business course in colleges: “How Not To Run a Corporation.” Books will be written about Donahoe’s assinine plan. Google, ‘John Donahoe and Legg Masson’ to see how insane his mind works.

    Donahoe will not address the users; he stays hidden. I’m convinced he’s scared of us. Yes, the sellers are loud. Ebay was the people’s venue-the flea market of e-commerce.

    If Donahoe cared about this company or about saving people’s livelihood, he should resign. Anxiously waiting Q4 Earnings.

    • Chris Crum

      Seems to be the general consensus. Management was the number one frustration with eBay sellers when I researched my article on that.

  • http://www.grannygoodpaint.blogspot.com Patricia013

    Well, I’m not surprised – I am, however, surprised at the lengths Ebay let this go to before starting to backpeddle. Its almost too late and it definitely IS too late to get some of them back. The changes they made so far are not going to cut it and will not bring back a significant amount of the good, honest small sellers they need. They need to sit down with a group of small sellers and find out what these people NEED in order to make sales on their site. Without that – they are lost because so far Ebay has simply been arrogant, overbearing and oh sooooo stupid! The small sites have felt like its been Christmas all year. They finally got their foot in the door and some of them will definitely grow to be competitive with Ebay in collectibles, vintage and rare items formerly offered on Ebay by small sellers. Etsy and Bonanzle should top that list. Even if small sellers go back they will NEVER again totally depend on Ebay and they will list on many other sites. Ebay killed the goose that laid the golden eggs and John Donahoe did it by his own hand! Ebay Board of Directors….WAKE UP in the present economy and the hard hard year ahead of us, Ebay needs the small sellers with their flea market finds in order to bring in the buyers who need bargains – without them….Ebay and its bunch of “diamond sellers” will simply be spinning their wheels as they descend down that drain!

  • Greg

    Chris, if you read the actual announcements, and particularly delve into the Payments Policy, you’ll see that these are essentially meaningless tripe.
    Like their Feedback removal changes of last fall, the customer must use very specific language in order for Feedback to be “qualified” for removal. In the case of cross border feedback, the buyer must specifically refer to “Customs delays” or “Customs charges” in order to
    Qualify. Being “Qualified does not necessarily guaranty removal. If for instance, a buyer says, “It took too long”, it would not fit into ebay’s tight little compartment of Qualification.

    As for the Payments Policy, some of the Optional companies will only serve Power Sellers and even then, based on application. All of the options will be tunneled through eBay’s check-out portal to improve visibility for Unpaid Items. However, the one point they refuse to discuss is the return of paper Payments. This is a big concern for many sellers. The point of no return is Jan 15th. From that point we shall see just how this affects the selling ranks. I’m pretty sure that more will file towards the exit.

    • Chris Crum

      Interesting commentary.

      • Michael

        Interesting comments, I have always disliked PayPal, it is not regulated, you have no official comeback on them, they hold money without reason.

        My experience with e-bay as both seller and buyer has not been good, in fact the last experience with a seller involved buying a car, which, when I went to collect it, the seller had sold it on to someone else. E-bay were not interested in recovering my money, so, I had to resort to taking the seller to court. When I posted this as a comment, they objected.

        Conclusion, I will no longer use e-bay either as a seller or buyer.

        Solution: For the last year I have been building a web site that is “Socially Inclusive” which means that a major chunk of the income it will generate is plowed back into supporting local activities, communities, events etc. So by using the its range of services the buyers, sellers, advertisers, will be helping a lot of people.

        The beta version of the site is due for release soon, www.blackcatsearching.co.uk the .com will be soon. We are currently testing out the functions on both domains, so there is some test rubbish.

        As the site is socially inclusive it means it will be constantly changing as dictated by demand. In addition to keeping the costs as low as possible, we will try to offer the best services.

        We are fed up with big business ripping off the people and keeping all the profits, so we are hoping that Black Cat Searching will prove to be a popular alternative.

  • Guest

    I’ve sold on eBay for almost ten years until recently. In all that time I NEVER used Paypal. I only had two non-paying bidders and one bad check which the buyer made good on. My customers were quite happy to pay via money orders and personal checks. Now I am not allowed to sell since I will not use Paypal (and allow Paypal access to my accounts, ID, and to hold any funds for unlimited amounts of time). If eBay truly wants its sellers back they need to do two simple things:

    1) Allow sellers to sell without requiring their eBay-owned company Paypal. Let the sellers accept money orders and checks they way they used to. (Isn’t this a violation of antitrust laws anyway?)

    2) Allow sellers the ability to post negative feedback for dishonest or non-paying bidders. That is the only way to warn the eBay community about these types of buyers. If eBay is truly just a venue tobring buyers and sellers together as they claim then they need to take themselves out of the feedback equation.

    And while we are at it, it would be a good idea to stop hiding the identity of bidders, so that honest buyers can be protected from shill bidding, which is rampant on eBay at this time thanks now to this insane change!

    • J

      Never ever use paypal ! Everything ebay has done in the past year is helping other online auctions grow .Last night I went to Bidz.com and found same items 20%-50% cheaper .With the new changes people are charging more and the items don’t sale.

  • Guest

    Like another commenter pointed out, the feedback relief is meaningless and worthless, as it does not address a cross-border buyer kicking the heck out of your shipping DSRs (which are what ebay uses to punish sellers). An equitable solution would have been to give automatic DSRs based on time from payment to electronically-logged shipment. Of course, what is equitable seems to keep escaping the Donohoe team. With the current round of DSR floggings, many sellers just quit international selling, especially to risky places like Italy.

    The true solution to the loss of brand value, is for the ebay board to kick the current management team out pronto, apologize, and bring in a team that knows how to listen and how their marketplace works–they must be powersellers with certain minimum DSRs (like 4.8) to get their bonuses.

  • Alison

    As a buyer AND a seller on Ebay, I have seen both sides of the issue. What I didn’t understand is why the changes were so one-sided in favor of the buyers. I am currently selling off all my current inventory and will be quitting Ebay, as a seller AND as a buyer, when it’s gone—UNLESS these supposed new seller-favored changes appear first. I am not holding my breath.

  • Guest

    Interesting that they are finally going to offer a shopping cart checkout BUT you can only use ebay approved payment options not available to all sellers. I checked out the addition of Moneybookers – more expensive than paypal. Paymate is not coming to the US until February and they will not be announcing their fee schedule until then.

    Of course we can expect to see the latest ebay acquisition Bill Me Later to be added – ebay seems to think that this will satisfy those that paid with checks or money orders. With their skewered view of the ebay marketplace I doubt that this will work out as they expect.

    For any change that eBay announces you have to be very careful to read all the fine print, assess what hoops you as a seller will have to jump through to comply, and figure out whether the change actually benefits you as a seller or is merely a diversion to mask increased fees and visibility control.

  • Guest

    EBay burned their bridges with me, and I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to come back. They’ve already shown sellers that eBay management holds all the cards in this power play, and it’s either their way or the highway.

    If I ever do start selling again, I’ll give all the new venues a good hard look before I decide to sell on eBay again.

    “Fool me once, same on you. Fool me twice….”

    • Guest

      ebay have treated all their sellers badly

      would you let your boss treat you the way they do ?

      The small sellers have now been kicked out , where do they think their
      power sellers come from ? you dont just set up in business as a
      power seller you have to work at it.

      there are plenty of good alternative selling and buying site out there
      now and may of them are worth a try ,
      www.zolanta.com , free to list , a reasonable charge for a store , online help which is very usefull when using a different site , they also upload your goods to google , friendly forums where you can pop in for a chat or to get help .
      you can choose how to accept payments you are not forced to accept paypal
      also try checking out www.pheebay.com very good advice for sellers

  • Richiemagoo

    The idiots that run Ebay will never “get it”. If they really wanted us back, they’d have to:
    Return to a fair mutual feedback system.
    Eliminate the DSR system.
    Kill Bestmatch.
    Get rid of the ever-increasing prohibited items list.
    Stop removing sellers listings without warning or explanation.
    Lower their fees.
    Stop telling us how much we can charge for shipping.
    Let sellers determine how they choose to be paid.
    Let sellers set vtheir own terms of sale, and make buyers subject to them.
    Offer real customer service and stop all the lies.
    Hold buyers accountable for their bids.
    Stop allowing returns on “as is” items.
    Stop trying to run our businesses, and start letting the free market operate, and just be what they were years ago- a venue- and not a dictatorial partner in OUR businesses!

    And quite frankly, I have such a sour taste in my mouth from Ebay, that even if they were to actually do all of the aboe…I sztill wouldn’t return, as I don’t want to be associated with such an absurd, crooked company; and I have found that I can do better elsewhere, while spending far less in fees and while maintaining control over my business and preserving the reputation that I have built over 30 years of doing honest business and offering personal service.

    I guess it’s easy for them to make tiny concessions when they see that their plan to court the mega-sellers isn’t working- but they had no trouble dumping us when it was working!

  • Bonanzle Bob

    I opened a booth on Bonanzle.com 3 days ago, and sales started within 2 days.
    AND I can take payments with checks, money orders, or even milk, chickens, or eggs, If I so choose!

    I’m sick to death of eBay!

  • http://www.emovieposter.com BRUCE HERSHENSON

    I was one of eBay’s foremost sellers (eBay ID: emovieposter.com)selling over 300,000 items in ten years for over 13 million dollars (and I had 100% positive feedback, and started all auctions at 99 cents and no reserve, and sold only vintage items). I left completely 6 months ago, and in 2008 had my first $3 million year ever, with over half coming from sales on my new auction site at http://www.emovieposter.com !

    I received over 173,000 feedback on eBay, and maybe two or three of them referenced customs, so this is an idiotic public relations movie aimed at Wall Street (pretending they are “listening”) and NOT an actual attempt to fix what is broken.

    While the S.S. eBay founders and takes on water, the execs are busy re-arranging deck chairs!

    I was one of the very first major sellers to leave eBay, but there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and in this case it is sadly the time for almost all smaller sellers (and ALL sellers of vintage items) to leave eBay (although it would be more fair to say that eBay left US, rather than we left eBay, given their many incomprehensible changes the past year).

    Bruce Hershenson

  • MisterTim

    EBay is adding these two unknown payment methods because of their fear of violating antitrust laws with Paypal. They know what they are doing is illegal, so they try to pretend that eBay users have multiple payment options. Let’s face it, eBay has done eveything in their power to convince buyers that Paypal is the safest way to pay. It isn’t, but the truth never stopped eBay before. Unless you have a Paypal account, it is almost impossible to buy or sell on eBay now. That is a perfect example of a tying arrangement and steering business Paypal’s way.

    Banning checks and money orders under the guise of buyer “safety” is yet another lie from eBay. I have received hundreds of checks and money orders while selling on eBay and NEVER received a bad check or a counterfeit money order. I have also bought hundreds of items on ebay with checks and money orders and ALWAYS received my item. EBay likes to embellish how unsafe their website is just to push their lousy Paypal service. I will never use Paypal and I will never buy or sell on eBay again.

    • Chris Crum

      That’s an interesting theory. I can’t say that I am familiar with either service.

  • http://www.rexxindustrialparts.com Jacob

    They are trying to bring matchsticks to a high stakes poker game and pass them off as real chips. No sensible seller is going to buy into these changes as any more than a pitiful attempt to claim changes without making any meaningful changes.
    Like so many that have commented before me I no longer trust eBay.

  • Guest

    EBay wants its international sellers back? I stopped selling internationally the moment DSR ratings took place. Free shipping still does not produce a 5 Star DSR rating. When you tell a buyer they are anonymous, they feel free to lie, and competetors can easily ruin the reputation of a seller with anonymous false ratings.

    EBay needs to do away with negatives for sellers totally, and go to a mutual DSR system where sellers can rate buyers ‘anonymously’. Then let sellers block buyers who fall below a 4.8 on their buying DSR scores.

    EBay made their dictatorship (do as we say, not as we do) debut at exactly the wrong moment for the company, the economy and the internet marketplace, and eBay is now suffering the consequences of their ignorance, licking their wounds and pretending to care about Sellers. Buyers used to shop eBay to find unusual items, and now Buyers find only buy.com junk. Talented Sellers are now making the eBay competition stronger, and Sellers such as Bruce Hershenson are eBay’s newest competition – selling for themselves!

    EBay is listening? Then why did eBay cancel eBay Live 2009? What a disaster 2008 was, and I’m sure they felt the wave of seller hatred pointed right at them, so they ran and hid before they would be exposed. EBay is now completely ignorant to those who loved it and made it what it WAS, and the eBay CEO will go down in history as the man who sunk eBay, the Titanic. RIP eBay.

  • Arthurstone

    I can remember the day that I heard about eBay. I was in one of my local used photo gear stores and the manager told me that he was selling on eBay and how great it was. I ordered dial up service so that I could see what all of the buzz was about. It was fantastic! I had a great time buying and selling. I never even thought about being ripped off. I had one problem and got an immediate refund with no questions asked.

    Now, many years later, things are much different. There is a Walmart and Dollar Store feel to eBay now. Pages and pages of new items from big retailers. If I sell something and a buyer rips me off I can’t warn other sellers with a negative feedback. EBay tells me how much to charge for shipping, even though I always charged the exact amount that I paid. I used to accept Postal Money Orders. I can’t do that now unless I get sneaky in my descriptions and tell my buyers to email me for payments other than via PayPal.

    With the advent of the DSR system I gave up. I maintained a 100% feedback rating and was proud of that. Now it means nothing. EBay insinuates to buyers that a DSR of 4 is good and not to worry, the seller can’t tell that you are the one that ruined his ratings. PURE EVIL.

    Unfortunately, the niche that I buy in is still only found in any amount on eBay. ECrater has a few listings so there’s hope for me there.

    Yes, if eBay rolls back all of those areas of complaint I would stay with eBay. Don’t hold your breath unless you look good in blue.


  • Kathy

    It has puzzled me over the last year why any business would keep stating that it is making its site “safe” for buyers.

    As a buyer, I would be very wary of any site that keeps telling me they have to make it safe for me so I can trade there confidently.

    If I were ebay management, I would have been cleaning up the site all along without publicizing the problem. People have reported fraud and fake articles for sale on the site to management for many years and they did nothing to correct the problem.

    Sure, there are bad sellers out there–just as there are scamming buyers. But what ebay has done does not solved either problem and pits buyers against sellers as though they were adversaries instead of business traders.

    Ebay continues to quote statistics that support their changes but no one believes them. The bottom line is that ebay and PayPal want to maximize profit for themselves, just as any business should. However, killing the golden geese (the sellers) who lay pay the fees makes absolutely no business sense.

    Trust is gone for many sellers. Why believe a company that is a proven liar? Once lost, it is difficult if not impossible for trust to be re-established.

    The good news is that alternative sites are experiencing increasing traffic. Every sale off ebay is a commission they did not get. Maybe ebay management have finally taken notice of the increase in listings on these other sites. But it many be too late. If I had ebay stock, I would unload it.

    • Chris Crum

      I would be interested to see some usage stats on a lot of these alternative sites.

  • http://www.ebuyer-feedback.com eBuyer Feedback

    PayMate is meant for Australian payments. PayMate only offers buyers protection for payments made for Oztion.

    Moneybookers isn’t accepting new US accounts and doesn’t allow current US customers to send money to other users in the US or those outside of the US. All you can do is withdraw or add money. It also offers no buyer protection as far as I can tell.

    Both of the services are pretty much useless for Americans so .com has no reason not to throw these as a bone to sellers.

    The feedback policy change regarding international shipments and customs fees requires sellers to be extremely specific and the buyers must also be extremely specific. Of course this isn’t even a change or new policy as I’ve known these requirements for probably the last 6 months. eBay has a habit of taking little known policies and claiming they are brand new and proof of becoming a better site for its sellers.

  • Balzenawe

    The eBay brand name is becoming more and more shunned [even a joke] by many people that I talk to. Some practically spit the word when speaking it. And it will take more than throwing a couple of practically meaningless ‘bones’ to sellers to improve that.

    A lot of quality sellers [who are also for the most part buyers] shun eBay because of the ridiculous hoops that they have to jump through regarding these 2008 changes. I would venture to say that a majority of us quality sellers had smooth transactions with satisfied buyers for years, or we would not have remained on eBay. And ebay also got their cut. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the 2008 changes campaign by current eBay management was greed driven, and done with intended deceit and favoritism. That alone has alienated many great sellers with unique and eclectic inventory.

    Buyers are shunning it because these changes, including the ‘deproved’ Best Match, are making things more confusing and less rewarding. The unique items are becoming more scarce on eBay as the sellers of them move to other business friendlier venues. Plus, the anonymous bidder BS has taken some of the sport out of the ‘chase’ for these items. With idiotic comments from eBay management like ‘Search is always a journey’ [ from eBay NA President Ms Norrington], it seems clear that there is no real ‘brainpower’ at the reins of eBay these days. The search for the holy grail is a ‘journey’ .. the search for an item should be a ‘destination’!

    eBay has offered practically nothing for many of us yet to reconsider using them again to buy or sell. And time is slipping away while they ‘disruptively innovate’ the site downwards. As people put more time and energy into their businesses on alternative sites and their own websites, eBay gets further and further away in their rearview mirrors. eBay truly needs an enema, especially one that will rid them of the Donahoe regime, to make them look appealing again to many of us.

  • figs

    GIVE ME A BREAK! These changes do NOTHING to solve the MAJOR problems with ebay and the concerns we all have! In the past year I have been TOTALLY MISTREATED by this (so called) company(while paying thousands in fees)! …Ive been kicked in the rear, lied to, spit on, shoved aside, slapped in the face, ignored, laughed at, hung up on, stolen from, stuck in the back and finally hog-tied and rolled out the door!


    …I feel like Clark in Christmas vacation:

    Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like (J-DONO), right here tonight…. I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, fore-fleshing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, di**-less, hopeless, heartless, fat-a$$, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey-sh** he is. Hallelujah. Holy Sh**. Where’s the Tylenol?

  • Guest

    Stanford business professors Thomas Heller and David Victor ARE in fact finishing up a case study about ebay’s changes and present predicament, due out Q1 2009. It ought to be a doozy.

  • Guest

    First of all, eBay should bring back the usual way of how feedback is done: simply Postive, Negative and Neutral and … both buyers and sellers should be empowered to do this… not only the buyer.

    Secondly, eBay should treat their sellers with respect and importance since it is the sellers that are the ones paying for the eBay and Paypal fees. In short, the sellers are the ones that give eBay their profit.

    Thirdly, there should be no listing fees… only Final Value Fees if the items are sold. If other smaller sites can do this… why can’t the colossal eBay?

    Fourthly, Paypal sucks for the seller! As a seller, I have not won a single dispute vs fraudulent buyers. The seller protection is a joke!

    Lastly, Google should come-up with an eBay killer after learning from eBay’s huge mistakes of stepping-on the sellers that actually give them the profit.

  • junk

    The Ebay we used to know has entered a “black hole” of incredibly stupid decisions that has passed the “point of no return”…they might pop out the other side as a dollar store if they are lucky.

    How many times have you heard people say their “favorite seller has moved to another venue”,most who sell unique/collectibles/antiques like me are long gone.

    They have permanently damaged their core business,the small seller of unique items.

    Oh yea, I almost forgot…everything “FIGS” said(the first reply),YEA that too !

    Check out Atomic Mall for an easy to use selling/buying venue.

  • http://www.sclsports.com Macgyver

    Google have google Checkout and Ebay panic, ebay ban google Checkout use by Ebay seller. Google checkout is a good alternative for webmaster to reject paypal. If google ventures into shopping site. Ebay will lose market share. Monopoly by ebay is no good. We have been selling soccer jersey previously at ebay. Because of the negative feedback issue when only buyer can leave negative feedback. Our ID was suspended. This is due to postal service error and delay. Atleast now Ebay start to listen to seller.

  • DonaldJr

    If eBay REALLY wanted the sellers back, they would return the power to the seller! eBay has long crossed the “just a venue” status that they SHOULD be. They are and have been shoving their idiotic policies, frequent and terrible site changes, and hiking their fees to boot!

    There are millions of sellers, both present and past, that still remember the good days…. when eBay was our best friend. The provided a stable, safe, and affordable means of supplementing incomes and boosting our collections.

    Not soon after eBay started tweaking the site for the worst. New bells. New whistles. None that I ever heard anyone ask for. But ones we all paid for nonetheless. All these did was slow down the site and make listing and selling much more of a chore than a hobby.

    Then, when we didn’t think it could get worse… it did. They jacked the prices up AGAIN. They stripped us sellers of the right to let other sellers know about problems we had with buyers. They stripped of us collectors of the right to become a community and let a friend get the high bid on an item instead of outbidding them. (Hiding IDs are a lot less friendly). They stopped letting us see the items we missed during the last 90 days, and stopped letting us view what our friends bid on. They stopped letting us research prices of the items we are selling. They stripped us of the right to limit our losses due to international fraud. (MONEY ORDERS ARE SAFE, A lot safer the PayUpPal… ) They stripped us of our rights to advertise our hobbies and favorite sites via the “ME” Ebay page. I could go on and on and on….

    What do they “GIVE US BACK” to say their sorry?? N-O-T-H-I-N-G of V-A-L-U-E!

  • http://www.renagadesrelics.com Renagade

    eBay has made so many bad choises in “improvements” that no matter how much the try to fix this, the truth is the many sellers who have left just won’t be going back. With sites like Esty, Seeauctions, and Bonanzle, welcoming in the sea of upset sellers and offering them a great place to sell, eBay stands no chance of winning them back.
    If your favorite seller has disappeared from eBay…go and check those three sites…I bet you’ll find them there!

    • Guest

      I was a Power Seller on eBay and stopped listing in October, 2008 when money orders and personal checks were eliminated as a method of payment. My feedback was 100% favorable for more than 3000 transactions for nine years plus. When eBay mandated PayPal, which really was double dipping in the total cost to do business on eBay, I decided they crossed the line and refused to continue selling on eBay. As many sellers have since discovered, there are many other sites other than eBay that are more customer friendly. PayPal is rapidly becoming the engine of profit for eBay for the total company but eBay as a auction site is rapidly becoming an unprofitable business venture. It appears eBay as an auction site is in an irreversible death spiral and become to stubborn to admit making some major errors and no plans to reverse. They might join the many retail sites now faced with the reality of closing down as a result of the current economic situation.

  • Guest

    Of all the negative changes at Ebay, the worst, which is not a change at all and seems to have been going on a long time “rolling blackouts.” And regional exposure. Not to mention decreased visibility based on dsr standings. You pay full price for full visibility but do not receive it. Where are the money hungry attorneys???

    • http://i34.tinypic.com/2e2m5mp.jpg permacrisis

      Moving off of ebay, I decided to mail my over 700 customers of my new location. I used hand-addressed snail mail, partly because ebayers are used to receiving payments that way, so it had a higher chance of being read than e-mail.

      As I went thru my packing slips in chronological order, I couldn’ help but notice the chronic, geographical spurts the sales were coming in one and two days apart. It was like viewing America thru a wandering hole in the cloud cover. Apparently denying search exposure is a lontime thing with these people.

      Filling out the envelopes I shook my head and thought to myself, how much would I have made if the entire country had seen my antique items?

      With regard to DSR’s, you know why the scale isn’t linear? Because then the government would demand that ebay discount you 20% off your listing fee for every 20% drop in your exposure.

      This economy has allowed Donahoe to get away with bloody, bloody murder. If they’d pulled this in 2000, the whole d@mn company would have gone to jail.

  • http://chinesesilk.ecrater.com/ chinesesilk.ecrater

    They’re just trying to save the face, don’t let them fool ya one more time people, screw them like they screw us. They don’t give a rat’s ass about their small sellers, they’re just trying to make them think they have their places on feebay, but it’s just for milking them even more.
    F*** them and go to alt sites!

  • Guest

    Ebay is committing a slow suicide and and I think the only ones who care are the shareholders. I’ve sold on Ebay for years as a source for unique colectibles and have done well there until the past year. Now that their search engine is skewed in favor of the dime-a-dozen plastic China crap drop shipping power sellers, I recognize that I don’t stand a chance and am in the process of moving everything to Bonanzle. Ebay’s loss, not mine. Sellers who actually care about their customers are leaving in droves, and guess what? Those sellers were also buyers. No wonder sales are down. You reap what you sow, and Ebay is getting what it deserves. Once my move to Bonanzle is done, Ebay willl never see me again as a seller OR as a buyer.

  • Len Lenzstuff@gmail.com

    Ebay has lost me ….. between the insertion fees, final sale fees, the economy & now Ebay /Paypal is FORCING me to use Paypal. They have forced me out. After 10 years i am done.
    BYE EBAY … it was fun

    • Catherine

      Ditto! This silver-level Powerseller packed up her clients and vacated 3 stores at eBay over 2 years ago.

      Newbies? Don’t try ‘em. 10 years back it was a nice place; today you’ll only get hurt.

      PowerSellersUnite is the ultimate site for information about other auction site alternatives.

  • DownWithEbay

    After nearly 22,000 sales and 773 purchases on ebay since 2003…we will NEVER buy or sell on ebay again as long as Donahoe remains CEO for the same reasons that have already been eloquently expressed by so many other folks.

    • DeanaJo

      What do I think?. Althought it is a problem, Feedback regarding cross boorder seller’s is not the majority of the feedback problem.

      and NEW payments accepted? what the heck is wrong with google checkout? It at least works!

      I rate their two new announcements right up there with their Christmas Card to the Powersellers….Build yourself a Snowman.

  • http://collectorsonlinemall.com Maggie

    Ebay is forgetting that many sellers like myself branched off into other venues. I started up CollectorsOnlineMall.com -http://collectorsonlinemall.com – for antiques and collectibles, handmade and used vintage items – and we’re making sales without any help from eBay. This is with a low monthly flat rates starting at $5.50.

    I think many others have found new homes and have built up loyal customer bases. The volume of customers is increasing as eBay’s insisted upon Best Match finds poor results – and Google’s Product Search allows items to be found easily off-ebay.

    eBay made a huge mistake, it hurt its core business and I don’t think it will get it back. People have learned they can sell without the huge final value fees they pay each month – and they’re happy. Selling in other venues is – well -it’s like the way eBay used to be.

  • ligafra69

    I sold on ebay as a part timer for 4 years. When the changes started rolling out last January 28th, 2008, I immediately had my paypal account closed and closed my selling account with ebay.

    There is no way I would ever consider going back to that hell hole.

    The changes that ebay has made is only for ebay stockholders, ebay executives and for paypal.

    Living in a rural area, I buy almost everything online. I used to buy many items from ebay as well.

    This last year I have taken the time to inventory my large amount of vintage collectibles and small antiques. I have pictures, measurements, condition and written descriptions ready to go back and start selling this year…but only on AtomicMall, Bonanzle and Etsy.

    Just saying the word “ebay” leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

  • Max

    As a Powerseller and eBay trader of 8 years standing I want the following:

    Donahoe fired (with no payout)
    An end to Disruptive Innovation
    Terms & Conditions restored to the position as of 18 months ago
    Respect not contempt
    A sincere apology
    Financial compensation

    Max (UK Powerseller)

  • http://www.bang4bucks.com.au Dahl

    ebays offer to paymate is a joke.
    Paymate was owned by ebay and then they sold it off years ago to the current owners, ebay then attempted to ban use of paymate on Australian ebay after they sold it off.

    I wold be insulted if I was the owners of paymate on the offer.

    I have 19,000 feedback on ebay as a seller and have not listed there for 6 months and will not go back there.
    I have opened a store on bang4bucks.com.au and will do what I can to bring my buyers over to the new site.
    Any seller who has a good loyal customer base will be able to do the same with a site that works for them.

    The main issue is not just the feedback it is the fees,the paypal issues in Australia and the NO customer support.

    ebay staff are full of rubbish and every one of them will give you a different response.

    They have no respect for sellers and let the buyers walk all over us.

  • Guest

    Well I want the old ebay back but we all know thats not going to happen.

    I sold on ebay for 6 years and made and kept powerseller status. But I left ebay in Feb 2008 when they announced the changes as I (as a business person ) already knew that it was going to be a mess to be on ebay anymore. I don’t buy the bone that ebay is throwing to the sellers at all. I have zero trust in Ebay and I don’t think I will ever go back. I havent bought or sold anything on ebay since feb 2008. My ebay account still has a credit in it and I have contacted ebay several times to give me the credit in my account. Ebay has told me several times that they will send me my credit. Guess what its now Jan 2009 and I still have a credit in my ebay account they still have not sent it to me as they said they would.

    I have only been to ebay to check out the forums and there are still tons of sellers that are complaining about the way they are being treated. Ebay doesnt care about anyone but ebay. I don’t think ebay was expecting the amount of negatives that they have been getting I think they figured they would lose some sellers and that the NOISE would die down but now with the internet and places like utube , and all the bloggers and other ways to spread the word about ebay and how bad it is anymore no amount of company spin can stop all the negative comments that are out there about ebay.

    Ebay is now the uncool place to be….. ebay will steal your lunch money and your milk money

    Since Feb 2008 I have watched the alternative sites and all I can say is wow they are growing and ebays days will be numbered. Ebay can sit there with all there mega sellers and they can all trade DSR RATINGS and Feedback with each other.

  • Bigmike

    The so called feedback removal only works if the seller lists ebay verbage exactly in the listing, down to font size requirements.

    It does not protect the seller against bad DSR stars. It does not protect any domestic seller from preditory buyers. It is another feel good hoop that sellers have to jump through, that will not solve the problem.

    Ebay has to decide if they want to be a venue, or if they want to control the sellers completely. If they continue to try to control, limit and punish the sellers, more and more sellers will leave.

    I will not sell when I am required to take all the risk, and pay outlandish fees for the privlege.

    • Guest

      It’s just way to of a RISKY BIDNESS for sellers now.

      DONAHOE has to GO!

  • Guest

    i am an ebay powerseller. 8 years, 70,000 feedback, 3-4 million per year.
    i agree with almost everything i have read here.
    best match and dsr are horrible ideas.

    best match- i have and ebay account rep and he cannot tell me how to improve my standings in best match. he states the people who understand the formula will not give out the info. of course everyone know free shipping impoves best match. free shipping is designed to do one thing- make more money for ebay.

    dsr is also really designed to force sellers towards free or reduced shipping. there was a time when my shipping fees could cover my shipping costs and that should include, in my opinion includes, employees in my shipping department. not anymore.

    ebay talks about improving it’s customer service, problem is they think their customer is the buyer. wrong- that’s our customer. whoever pays is the customer. sellers are ebays customers.

    while ebays harasses it legitimate sellers, it has done almost nothing to eliminate or even prevent sellers who deal in counterfeit product.
    i can only assume this is because ebay makes commisions off of a fake taylormade driver, same as a real one. only if a buyer complains, will they do anything and many buyers simply don’t know the difference. ask people why they don’t shop ebay and many will say it is bacause of all the fake product.

    i will be honest- ebay made me a millionaire, albeit a middle class millionaire. now i feel if i stay, i will end up giving it all back.

    sad to say- we can post hear all we want. ebay espouses good communication, but when it comes to them- it is all one way.

    • Guest


      The FRAUD should have been addressed for the past 10 years and WAS NOT.

      If buyers as well as SELLERS were VERIFIED there would have been a better direction for eBay……..10 years ago.

      The counterfeits drove the buyers away as did BEST MATCH and all of the other DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION that was and still is rampant on eBay.

  • Guest

    if ebay was an ebay seller it’s dsr’s would be 1-2 and it would be suspended

    • Guest

      NARU is more like it! ;)

  • Guest

    Can anyone post a list of alternative sites?

    • marijke


      You have to get use to it in the beginning, but I sell a lot all over the world now. And I am very happy with Delcampe!

    • marijke


      You have to get use to it in the beginning, but I sell a lot all over the world now. And I am very happy with Delcampe!

    • Guest

      Try www.theinternet.co.uk its FREE and you can show pictures and video free

  • Guest

    I used to sell on ebay for over 10 years. After they instituted the Paypal only rule that was it for me. I wasn’t crazy about the no feedback for buyers either but could perhaps deal with that altho I really cut down on my selling after that. Since the Paypal rule only came into effect I don’t sell on ebay anymore. I never took Paypal and don’t intend to now. All I hear about are scams, chargebacks, returns, mandatory refunds, people getting back someone’s old broken item instead of what was sent and many more scams. Paypal seems to rule constantly for the buyer without knowing the true story and too many sellers are getting scammed out of their merchandise. Until Ebay gets rid of this online payment stuff only I will not be back to sell and since I don’t sell, I don’t buy either.

    • Steven Depuy

      What did me in was the fact that you could not leave negative feedback for buyers anymore. I had two straight people bid for an item and refuse to pay for it. Ebay took the money for the sales, made me wait long periods of time to relist, and in the end, the buyer did not have any kind of feedback listed about what he did, and could just keep doing it. Ebay still owes me money from the whole mess, but I am done with them, so I guess I will never get it.

  • Weening off ebay

    I have over 4,000 items on ebay and I am so sick of their new BS policy. I am looking for an out and will be ditching ebay soonl

    • http://www.e-DUDS.com e-DUDS

      e-Bay used to be great for buyers and sellers and it is a real shame that they have turned into a megalomaniacal monolith!

      I am so cynical that I think that they have only added the other two because they are in buy-out talks with them and they will be integrated into the eBay empire.

      There are lots of alternatives, I know, but as a struggling start-up auction site, I would love to get feedback from people as to how we could improve ourselves and offer more to our customers. We have only been running one month so don’t expect greatness.

  • Guest

    I was a long term Ebay seller – worked great until all the changes put the seller in the position of risking the business (if one flakey buyer gave bad feedback) or risking a valuable item (as paypal will refund the buyer and pull your money out if the buyer merely claims it didn’t arrive or wasn’t as decribed), so selling on ebay makes little sense for me and I’ve stopped after almost 10 years. I was still cruising though, to look for items to add to my collection – but now I see most items of interest are “buy it now” so for the rare items I want, if they’re a bargain, they’re gone in a flash – little chance I’d even see them, if they’re not a good deal they’re there forever. So little point in cruising the site anymore – with auctions I had 7 days in which to find items of interest and maybe get a deal. I think the “eyeballs” will be leaving ebay big time.

  • http://www.bidmate.com.au Australian Seller

    We were one of eBays largest sellers in Australia. I can tell you it’s not just the feedback or the PayPal issue. Ebay is just not a pleasent crew to work with. Attitude, Customer service, policies and more. For us it is too much. We shifted to the next largest Auction Site, www.BidMate.com.au and all I can say, is what a breath of fresh air!

    Ebay day is over; time for us all to move on and for them to go away.

  • Australian Seller

    We were one of eBays largest sellers in Australia. I can tell you it’s not just the feedback or the PayPal issue. Ebay is just not a pleasent crew to work with. Attitude, Customer service, policies and more. For us it is too much. We shifted to the next largest Auction Site, www.BidMate.com.au and all I can say, is what a breath of fresh air!

    Ebay day is over; time for us all to move on and for them to go away.

  • http://www.bidmate.com.au Australian Seller

    We were one of eBays largest sellers in Australia. I can tell you it’s not just the feedback or the PayPal issue. Ebay is just not a pleasent crew to work with. Attitude, Customer service, policies and more. For us it is too much. We shifted to the next largest Auction Site, www.BidMate.com.au and all I can say, is what a breath of fresh air!

    Ebay day is over; time for us all to move on and for them to go away.

    • Guest

      You forgot to mention feebays gread!!

    • john reader

      I was one of the new sellers I opened a store but could not keep it up with them witholding payment.
      I have emailed the 7 times telling them to close my account and they just keep sending me invoices to pay them and I have nothing listed now.To stop them emailing me I had to block them.

  • Bill

    When eBay started, it was a market place for users to sell unwanted items by auction using the old adage “One mans rubbish is another mans gold”.

    Now? Its just a forum for retailers to advertise their wares. The same thing has happened in the UK with car boot sales. Years ago families cleared out their lofts & went to a car boot sale. Now its more like a market.

    I would very much like to see either of the following:- (1) Splitting eBay into two (retailers & individuals selling in seperate sections ) or (2) Going back to the way it was – people selling their unwanted gear.

    I appreciate it would be difficult to administer, but I started using eBay to sell unwanted gifts etc and buy stuff I wanted. I don’t think it was ever intended for people making millions as above (although to make eBay RICH thats what its become!).

    Just my opinion :)

  • Robert

    After 7 years as an ebay seller, I closed my store in December and moved my inventory to Bonanzle. I consider myself to be self employed and will not let ebay tell me how to run MY business.
    By offering PayPal SNAD protection to the buyer, ebay is forcing the seller to offer a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. No way I will put myself at risk on that one.

    The silly feedback system, DSRs and excessive fees are just more reasons to stay away for ebay. Like it or not, the days of the small seller on ebay are over.

    Bonanzle is a great new site and is getting some traction. No listing fees and very low final value fees. Best of all they have a Google Base upload system to get your products in the Google shopping search. Many members of the “old eBay community” are moving to Bonanzle. Do yourself a favor and come join us.

  • Guest

    After 5+ years of working my butt off to be a power seller with over 5000 transactions and 3500 positive 100% feedbacks where I only ever had to do a mutual withdrawal less than 5-7 times, I was forced out of business by ebay within 2 weeks of their new rules. They not only bit the hand that feeds them, they cut it right off. It’s always been small business that makes up more than 2/3rds of America and if they’re running them out of business at the worst possible time in our economy’s history, they should be shunned and closed down. Within those 2 weeks, I received 3 negative feedbacks, 2 from overseas buyers who had customs delays and one from a guy who received an item that was scratched in transit by UPS and didn’t bother to tell me about it before he left the negative. So since it’s a one sided issue where only buyers can leave the negative, I had no recourse and was suspended for 30 days. In the meantime, they expect me to cough up around $2000 in fees while they take away my bread and butter and tell me this is a good time for me to re-evaluate and re-vamp my listings for better compliance to their new ball buster rules. Oh and since some of my items were drop shipped, chances are that they all agreed under their new rules that an item must be shipped within 24 hours that I probably wouldn’t survive too long and should consider moving on. This was directly told to me by my Platinum power seller rep.
    In the least, if eBay were allowed to remain in business or had any chance of getting it’s sellers back, they should be forced to reinstate all sellers who got booted off by their insane rules, no questions asked, all fees wiped out and all income lost as a result should be paid back to those sellers in damages of lost income.
    I mean their rules of having to use Paypal is nothing short of running a monopoly and a conflict of interest that if any other kind of business tried to pull that would be in serious legal hot water.
    Then, to make matter worse, on new ebay sellers, ebay instructs Paypal who it owns to place a hold on the funds of the buyer for up to 21 days instructing the seller to ship the item and if and when the customer receives the item and leaves a positive feedback then they may decide to release the money earlier…if you stand on top of them and ride them. Yeah right! Name one business who says, “Here! Mr. Customer. So you want to order a widget?! Great! Let me become a bank first where I finance and pay for the item and then pay UPS to send it to you and I’ll sit on egg shells and pray you don’t leave me a negative feedback that could get me suspended and if all goes well 21 days later I might actually be paid for this item!” Yee Haw! Now that really helps make the buyer’s buying experience even ore meaningful as they so eloquently put it. Mind you, they do this on the first 100 transactions for new sellers. So tell me what mom and pop operation can afford to finance the first 100 transactions and hope they don’t get a couple negatives and get suspended? Their whole premise of existence turns my stomach into complete knots for this b.s. they pulled on me and I really think the government should step in and force them to compensate me and every other seller who was unjustly forced out of business.

    • miamisam

      I agree with all the comments I have read. The way Ebay is conducting business will shortly put them out of business. I ran a business on Ebay for many years and was forced to leave because of these rediculous rules. Selling and buying on Ebay is not one sided, it takes two to tango and to have the buyer be able to leave negative feedback and the buyer’s hands are tied is unbelievable. Also I refuse to use Pay Pal since they screwed me over 10 years ago. It seems they always take the side of the buyer. I will not return until I am able to accept cash, money orders or personal checks for sales. I do not want to deal with any outside parties such as Pay Pal. Why should I have to pay a fee to get paid. In the meanwhile I am doing very well with auction houses and other means. Ebay you better change your ways or you will lose me forever and there are 100’s of my friends who have left Ebay for the same reasons.

    • http://www.vilprix.com MAH

      You got it right on the nose, a business model like eBay’s should be regulated by the government. How can you be the bank and the selling platform at the same time? The only thing they care about is their interest and if they keep going at this pace, no sellers will be left to pay the fees. Sure they will have tons of buyers but with no sellers or no deal buyers will move on, that’s just a fact.

      The sad thing is eBay’s competitor are doing nothing but trying to follow similar business models instead of finding innovative ways to blow eBay out of the water.

      One thing for sure eBay has peaked and its time for them to go down. How fast they go will depend on what policy they choose to implement in this economy.

      Why do you think they are not making it big in other countries? Those governments wouldn’t put up with their nonsense.

  • Ralph J Johnsonbaugh

    I to sold on e-bay for a number of years and lost a lot of customers when they no longer accepted checks & money orders. The e-bay form of charge back through pay-pal locks my money up for upto 100 days and then finds in favor of the customer anyhow. Once the package is sent you have no controll of how it is handeled. From my site store www.collectorscorner.org/supplies.html 90% of my customers still would rather send a check or money order than put their credit info. out on the internet. I still use the old fashioned printable order form too. WHY? Because it works and they feel safe. I have not given up on this type of selling we site but I am looking at new directions where the seller rates as well as the customer. I am working with a new site now www.bigticketdepot.com/diskworks and will be posting products on there. Seems like you are better to stay with the new places when they are starting out before they get to big and out of controll as e-bay has.

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