eBay UK Bids On Affiliates For Expansion

    August 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Wherever your site may be found, you can enjoy the benefits of membership in the eBay UK Affiliate Program.

eBay UK Bids On Affiliates For Expansion
eBay UK Affiliate Good For All

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Webmasters, bloggers, and hobbyists have an opportunity to enjoy a piece of the eBay action. A new eBay Affiliate Programme permits site owners to enjoy a piece of the action when a visitor registers with eBay, or places a qualified Bid or Buy It Now.

The company promises monthly commissions, and users can join the program at no cost. eBay has partnered with ValueClick’s Commission Junction to administer the Affiliate Program, providing account management for members and a variety of buttons, banners, and text links.

Tiers for total active user creations, and total bids and Buy It Nows, pay commissions based on how many were performed in a given month. Active users, defined by eBay as people who place a bid online within 30 days of registration, earn the affiliate 7.00 to 14.00 (about $12 to $25 USD) per registration.

Alex Schultz at eBay UK said the affiliate program began in 2002, and in the UK alone has around 10,000 affiliates. International affiliates boost that number dramatically. But is the program profitable for affiliates?

“To put it in perspective in the UK a number of our affiliates are making over 100 000 ($180,000) a month,” Mr. Schultz said.

Volume is the key; more registrations bump the affiliate up the tiers to higher per-registration commissions. The same principle applies to users who go through the affiliate link and either bid on an auction, or purchase the item via a Buy It Now link. Those actions earn the affiliate 0.10 to 0.24 (about 18 to 43 cents) each for bids, and 0.12 to 0.75 (about 21 cents to $1.34) per Buy It Now transaction.

EBay UK will accept affiliate requests from outside the country, but only from those who have English language sites. Accounts must accumulate 35 (about $50 USD) to have a check generated, and the affiliate program offers payments in GBP and other currencies.

The quest for affiliates underscores eBay’s desire to remain at the forefront of online auctions. Over time, the company has achieved tremendous brand recognition on a global scale.

Competitors have been attempting to make inroads on that success, but eBay has been working to maintain its place by opening projects to third party developers, creating an easier way for sellers to create online stores, and replacing auto-responder emails with real customer service responses.

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