eBay Setting Up Fair Trade Site

Aims to do "WorldofGood"

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Some of eBay’s more popular (and printable) nicknames include feeBay and greedBay.  But an upcoming move – the introduction of a fair trade site – may improve the company’s image a little.

In its current state, WorldofGood.com is presented as "an eBay community."  Sometime this summer, it will turn into a full-fledged fair trade marketplace, according to Stefanie Olsen.

 WorldofGood.com In May
(Photo Credit: eBay)

Olsen writes that Robert Chatwani, eBay’s general manager of the project, "[H]elped conceive of the idea for the WorldofGood.com marketplace three years ago while traveling to India with fellow eBay employees.  There, they found some sustainably made artisan products they believed would sell online, and could give some money back to the creator.  They tested the idea and it worked."

Then, "[eBay] teamed up with World of Good, a group designed to alleviate poverty in third worlds by helping sell local artists’ goods globally."

No one’s suggesting this development will outweigh eBay’s less admired actions; Mike Sachoff’s recent article titled "eBay To Move To PayPal Only In Australia" generated 80 comments, and a February one by David Utter ("Seller Boycott Fails To Impress eBay") resulted in 187 remarks.

Still, in spite of everything else that’s going on, eBay deserves credit for making an effort.  Some interesting products should become available through the World of Good website, and even fair trade opponents have to admit that it’s based on a nice idea.

eBay Setting Up Fair Trade Site
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  • Guest

    YOu out of your mind and outside of reality.. Go to eBay boards – there is Revolotion going on – not only angree seller but buyer as well…

    THis is most stupid, unfair and not logical change eBay ever did.

    I don’t  understand why people like you writing thing they have no clue about???


    You haven’t been to the Ebay Feedback Discussion board in the past 2 days, have you? Have a look at it: http://forums.ebay.com/db2/forum.jspa?forumID=113&start=0

    They won’t need that site, because the sellers will all be gone!

  • Guest

    eBay should be taking care of their own sellers as they leave with the laws eBay has slammed them with..I am a longtime seller/ buyer and within the past few days eBay has tuned my chance to sell with protection little to none. Please do visit the link the other poster shows…I’ll be out to the foodbanks from eBay / paypal messing so badly with my income…

  • horsemama

    eBay is currently run by a bunch of greedy egomaniacs.


    There is exactly ONE reason why eBay might get involved in anything meant to help anyone but themselves, and that’s because they have garnered so much DESERVEDLY negative publicity lately that they are grasping at anything that might make them socially acceptable.


    Nice try, GREEDBAY. 


    I’m not buying it, and neither is anyone else who has seen the carnage on ebay.com in recent weeks.


  • SadderButWiser

    eBay is not doing the small sellers a "world of good" right now.   If I were to sell 20 items in one month, and a newbie, uneducated buyer was dissatisfied, for some unintentional reason on my part, and if  they left me one negative feedback without contacting me to work it out first, that would constitute a 5% dissatisfied buyer status within a 30-day period.  That’s what they count–30 days.  I don’t get credit for the 144, 100% positive feedback since Oct. 2004.

    PayPal could withhold my funds for 21 days if there is 5% dissatisfied buyers within a 30-day period.  Unless the buyer left a positive feedback or I showed a Delivery Confirmation. 

    Why would the buyer who left me a negative turn around and leave me a positive?  That’s not even possible with eBay’s feedback form. 

    The customer would also have had to receive the item to file a complaint due to dissatisfaction about the product.  So what does proof of delivery have to do with it?

    Then, how would I ship items to my other 19 buyers and pay my bills?

    EBay would not remove the negative for me, a seller.  That inability to ship the remaining 19 items would cause 19 more negatives.  That would destroy me, a consciencious seller. 

    In addition, if a buyer has not left a feedback for a seller, after a period of time, eBay now reminds them to do so.  When the buyer goes to leave the feedback, eBay has a popup that encourages the buyer that the seller is now no longer able to leave them a negative, so the buyer is encouraged to leave "honest" feedback without fear of retaliation!

    eBay would do a "World of Good" to keep the eBay environment conducive to success for the disabled veterans, single moms, senior citizens, and other-abled citizens who would rather sell their wares than become dependent on welfare or give up on being a productive citizen.


  • Guest

     ebay cant buy their way into heaven. If they are so caring then why are they killing off many good sellers with their disruptive bad policy.

     I’ll believe they care about anyting but cash in their own pockets when John Donohoe, Meg Whittman and our Dear Pierre who has now sold us out.

    • Guest

      ebay cant buy their way into heaven. If they are so caring then why are they killing off many good sellers with their disruptive bad policy.

       I’ll believe they care about anything but cash in their own pockets when John Donohoe, Meg Whittman and our Dear Pierre who has now sold us out kick back some of the huge salaries, stock options that they have been paid while destroying what was once a great place to buy and sell and all for the sake of greed!

  • http://www.magicalalchemy.com polw


    ebay allows the trade of companion animals such as cats & dogs as food stuffs on their china site but wants to promote fair trade.

    everything i sell is from a country that promotes a living wage. most items on ebay are from non-fair trade countries and those with a high incendense of human rights violations.

    perhaps ebay should worry about its own backyard before cleaning up the neighbors.

  • debipier

    I wouldn’t trust ebay to be for the human good in other countries when they are so blatantly nasty to the one’s in their own country!!

    This company is powered by greed mongules whose only interest is to line their own pockets with other people’s money and to grab a penny more from the working class people…

    Shame on you ebay for trying to steal from the impoverished to make it appear that you have a heart for the poor!!  And you think G-D will honor this???  NOT!!


  • http://www.gazlannathai.com GazLanNaThai

    Hi Doug

    What many of the previous replies have missed completely, as did you by relying so heavily on the eBay press release, is that World of Good is attempting (like MissionFish and eBay Giving Works) to simultaneously provide a channel for existing Charitable / philanthropic channels, and to regulate and order them.

    If you read the terms of becoming a World of Good registered trader, they enforce western world registration with bodies such as the FLO or the UK’s Charities Commission.  The problem is that the truly fair trading traders have neither need nor resources to wrap themselves in the onion-like layers of bureaucracy that such registration entails.

    Just as an example -

    GazLanNaThai have used eBay (and many similar sites) as a retail channel for over 5 years.  We’ve sold over 10,000 items on eBay in that time and never once been involved with their profit-leeching charity programs.  The benefactors have been the ethnic minority hill tribes of Northern Thailand – both the ones that are denied citizenship despite centuries of permanent residence in the kingdom, and the ones that are ‘recent’ (actually decades ago and often with 3rd generation births here) refugees from the despotic regime in Burma. We provide these groups with a route to market as they are confined to the refugee camps and cannot travel for employment to pay for neccesary education and health care, nor for housing materials etc.

    We also provide international market channels for cottage and farmhouse industries in the traditional and heritage skills sectors in order to keep those skills alive.

    Just two years ago, we were ready to heavily expand operations and the number of supported groups, based purely on sales performance on eBay.  Today, due to eBay’s punishing new policies, and despite a "good" standard of seller performance under eBay’s criteria, the combination of ever-rising fees, collapsing traffic and visibility, falling on-eBay sales, increases in fraudulent buyer chargebacks through PayPal, and other business risks associated with the eBay group of companies, we are actively withdrawing from using them as a channel.

    World of Good?  It’s just a gimmick to make large budget "do-gooder" organisations feel they have a special relationship with eBay, and bring in "the organisations" to replace the smaller philanthropists and holiday-trinket sellers.  Larger organisations are cheaper and easier for eBay to service than millions of small, individual, sellers.  That’s the bottom line.

  • A P*O* Aussie (Small Buyer and Seller)

    Give me a break – give ALL Aussies a break – there is a riot going on within our boards – I am a small time seller and small time buyer. I feel like I am a herion dealer/user. (EB OWN WORDS)

    They have made it quite clear they don’t want mum and dad sellers and yet we made them that money – we paid the fees, we spent the time advertising on THEIR SITE.

    Without us they are nothing.

    How can you support a ‘fair trade’ site with a company that refuses to fair play?

    Tell me that and us Aussies might come back – BUT I think the camels back has been broken – a competitor in the AU market is growing at 11% a week – all with the help of Fleabay and Poopal. :(

  • http://redinkdiary.blogspot.com Henrietta

    eBay needs to set it’s own house in order before trying to take over the rest of the world.

    Supporting fair trade is an either or situation, you can’t be a little bit pregnant or almost a virgin.

    One of the most disturbing things about PayPal/eBay’s recent defacation in Australia is the enormous upsurge in anti-American sentiment among Australian sellers. It is completely understandable but very sad because most Americans are NOT like the greedy arrogant and ignorant uglies who run eBay today, yet we are all being painted with the same polluted brush.

    Is this what we want to see embedded in a generation of the poorest of the poor?

    I urge anyone who feels a need to help alleviate poverty to go to Kiva.org and tell them Henrietta sent you.


  • eirn

    Will they stop at nothing? I left eBay in February and went to ioffer.com. Free stores, free listings, over 7000 sellers there, and that number is growing daily due to eBay’s continued short-sightedness. I am done with eWad for good.

  • http://www.ebid.net Guest

    Fair Trade that’s a joke, they don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘Fair’ Greedbays idea of a level playing field is the Himalayas

  • http://sellingbeyondebay.ning.com Gail Reece

    Is eBay donating any profits to The World of Good or just advertising? 

    Let’s be fair and show both sides of ebay.  Market eBay with sad photo’s of ebay seller’s feeding their children catsup packets tossed out from fast food venues and eating out of garbage cans and living in shelters because of the loss of income imposed by ebay’s and paypal’s new rules.   I hear these horror stories from many disabled people who’s sole income was from ebay sales who wanted to earn their own living rather than collect SSD and Wefare. 

    I’d like to see an article on how many new Social Security and Welfare applications were filed in the US alone due to eBay and Paypal.     


  • Guest

    ebay, this is a JOKE .Ebay keeps making small changes that nets them millions and breaks the small dealers they care nothing about the folks! the customers WHO make them the size they are. Simple answer is customers need to move off ebay and show them without out customers ! without people? they have no business. Ebay is only in charge because we did not speak up loud enough to make them back off. EBAY thinks they own your business and ebay believes they have every right to run it ..your business with unfair  policy changes and new rules. A business owner can not run any kind of business on floating policies and rules. Ebay changed there download policy and the cost of selling your downloads shot up ten times higher??? wow and said it was for our own good.

    I quit ebay!! I had fantasy feedback and lots of customers BUT I REFUSE to have a rental company tell me how I have to run my business, they rent space they do not own us.

  • http://www.google.com Jeff

    I have a small business and have been selling with eBay for about 5 years now,
    Up until recently i have found that eBay has been a good place for selling and buying,

    I am finding that since eBay changed there feedback that i am getting a lot of buyers that are not going through with there purchase as they know that nothing can be done to them and they cannot receive any Negative or Neutral Feedback.

    Until last week me feedback was 100% with over 6000 Positive feed backs left,
    I had one buyer that left me a neutral feedback on 4 items for the postage time being to slow,
    When i contacted him he said that 10 days shipping from Australia to USA was to long and he was not happy about that,
    He declined to withdraw the neg feedback, he said that he could not be bothered and that i could not leave him any any negative feedback,

    Also i think that eBay is very very unfair making Australian sellers accept Pay Pal only, Approx 40% of my customers would pay by Direct Deposit or by Money Order,
    I will loose large amount of those customers,
    I pay eBay and Pay Pal approximately $1500.00 every month in fees,
    All i am asking for is a little more compassion from eBay for sellers and maybe a little more respect.

    If eBay keeps going with there changes i will be forced of of business,
    Does any one have any suggestion’s?
    Thank you for reading this letter.

    • isaac

      they get away with it because no one compete with them,
      monopoly it is wrong…


  • http://vb.maas1.com/f122.html ???? ???????

    Fair Trade that’s a joke, they don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘Fair’ Greedbays idea of a level playing field is the Himalayas

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