eBay Highlights Trusted Sellers (and Other Tidbits)

Fees For New Payment Options

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Matt Olson from eBayeBay recently announced a change to product pages for books, music, movies, and video games last week – a change that will likely give sellers yet another reason to complain. They are now featuring a box on product pages that highlight one supposedly-trustworthy seller’s listing.

"The new page makes it faster and easier for buyers to find the book, music, movie or game item they’re looking for from sellers they trust," explains eBay’s Matt Olson in the announcement.

On the surface, this would appear to be a bonus for trustworthy sellers. The featured seller is selected by Best Match. Buyers might be happy to check out that featured seller, and the featured seller might be happy too, but all of those other sellers who consider themselves just as trustworthy as the featured one, but whose listings are pages away from the top, might be less thrilled.

"The new pages will give buyers very little incentive to move beyond the first page of search results, and that’s not going to be popular with many sellers who are already complaining about plummeting eBay sales," explains Sue Bailey at TameBay.

eBay - Best Value Box

eBay’s New Payment Options and the Fees for Sellers They Carry

As most ebay sellers are aware, the site switched to an online-only payment policy last year. Many saw this as a way for the company to make people pay with their own PayPal service. Recently they added a couple more services to the roster of payment options: Moneybookers and PayMate. The latter has now come out and announced some fees that it will charge ebay users to use PayMate.

Paymate and Moneybookers to be accepted by eBay

"Buyers on eBay do not have to register with PayMate when paying for a transaction," reports Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes. "PayMate charges eBay sellers who sign up for the service 3 percent plus 50 cents per transaction with no monthly or annual fee. There are no fees to withdraw funds into a bank account." Paymate will become integrated into eBay’s checkout system beginning February 26th.

Seller fees for Moneybookers will be 2.9% plus 29 cents per transaction for monthly sales of up to $3,000; 2.4% plus 29 cents per transaction for monthly sales of between $3,000.01 and $10,000; 2.1% plus 29 cents per transaction for monthly sales of between $10,000.01 and $100,000; and 1.9% plus 29 cents per transaction for monthly sales over $100,000 according to Steiner. It has not been announced when Moneybookers will become integrated into eBay, but it is due to be sometime this month.

Breaking Up eBay   

On another eBay-related note, Kevin Kelleher at GigaOm takes an interesting look at everything the company owns (right from the SEC’s list) and talks about why they should consider breaking some stuff up. It’s an interesting read for eBay followers.

eBay Highlights Trusted Sellers (and Other Tidbits)
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  • Hi

    You should try BARNBID dot COM no listing Fees plus you get $100 credit to your sellers account, free classifield ads etc… If you need a alternative try barnbid. check it and dont forget to download the toolbar thing. Its nice… you can sell anything there…

  • Patricia013

    This is the attitude that will hasten Ebay’s downfall! It doesn’t take long for sellers to realize they’re just there to feed the monster while is manipulates exposure the way it sees fit! Small sellers already know this – which is why they’re busy building and supporting up and coming sites.

  • Bonanzle Dude

    Well, now there IS an alternative, and everyone who is on ebay is rushing to it:


    Ebay isn’t just pushing out sellers, they are using a entire fleet of steam steam shovels to divest themselves of sellers and buyers alike. Before this year, you just had to suck it in and take it, but at last, there is at least one viable alternative to ebay, and it’s Bonanzle. I myself discovered it here, on this site in a post such as this and it’s easy to set up an account. I predict that in six months, Bonanzle will have one million users.

    Hey, Web Pro News Dudes and Dudettes, want to have a contest on this number and date? Let’s set it up.

  • http://www.TheCrazedCollector.com David Perkins

    What else will eBay come up with to keep power sellers and drive away everybody else?

    As someone who had, last year, always made numerous sales each week through my eBay store… I’ve now ditched the eBay store because they were “Fee-ing” me to death… and everything else in the cost of doing business there went nuts… so I quit listing on eBay. Just as I decide to go back to listing there… they come up with this nonsense!

    I’m thinking that it’s time to forget about eBay totally and find me an auction site that will serve my needs better.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent!


  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Why in the world would they even need to try and do this. They already make a TON without even selling a product. It’s like long distance phone calls use cost every minute and now everyone can talk for free for a small monthly fee.

    Amazing and shocking at the same time to read this one.


  • Guest

    Let’s hope Paypal / Ebay can give some Kudos for Paypal sellers NOT using EBAY as a sales vehicle.

    That would be a better stimulus package deal in my opinion. Sales are up lately online, but we as sellers need better support, not farmed out, turfed out customer service lackeys. Long waits on phone, poor understanding of English from ineffective CSR’s.

    Hire American English Speakers! Plenty of people in U.S.A. willing to do a job properly in my opinion!

    If I run my business like a pro I expect better service for my 3% fees too! I do not sell on EBAY, but I do sell via paypal. dev carts all day long!

    Get on the ball Damnit!


  • Guest

    eBays is losing sellers everyday because of the high fees the new feedback change and the paypal only feature (ebay owns paypal.) Many sellers have moved to other free auction sites like www.Bidtunnel.com These newer auction sites are like ebay was in the past but FREE!

  • http://www.booksr4u.net Guest

    I USED to sell books on eBAY when they started, then dropped out when they got so money hungry and featured SELLERS with $.99 cent books. eBAY deserves to be out of business to make room for less greedy auction sites that former sellers would gravitate to.

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Anonymous

    Moneybookers used to be 1.9% and buyers paid it. Now eBay forced them to match PayPal’s highest rate, 2.9% and have sellers pay for it.

    Oh and remember, eBay always lies. When eBay says most people were using the new “my ebay”, they weren’t. When eBay says most sellers prefer paypal, they don’t. eBay’s list of trusted sellers will be just big powersellers or something. eBay also adjusts the DSRs of the big powersellers, too, to sometimes higher than 5.0 DSRs or those sellers would’ve been banned long ago for low DSRs.

    • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Anonymous

      The comment about the using the new my ebay was back in December 2008 before the new my ebay was forced.

  • Guest

    Too little, too late.
    EBay sucks and so does PayPal.

    Don’t be a sucker and patronize these greedy twits.

  • Guest

    Ebay is going downhill. It’s still good for some stuff but with all of the new rules it’s becoming ever more difficult for seller to make a profit. I look at some items that people on there sell and the prices for which they sale and I KNOW that with ebay fees those sellers are barely walking away with a profit and that some are even end up PAYING EBAY to sell. I no longer tolerate such non-sense.


  • Guest

    As a seller in Germany, I have noticed that many many sellers refer to World War II.

    In those days it was Hitler. Now it’s eBay who think they rule the world.

    I feel I am a lower class subject when it comes down to eBay.
    Why does eBay not give out some yellow stars for our arm sleeves?

    No.1 problem. Donahoe! Get rid of him. He has obviously never sold a single thing in his life. His ideas have cost eBay 29% in profit so far.
    Well done Mr “I know all” manager!
    Congratulations….you have cost eBay millions…..here’s 20 Million for you, but please leave the company quietly.

    eBay sellers are broadly open to fraud and bribes. If we can’t leave negative feedback, then the buyers use this as a weapon.
    Only someone really thick could have thought up that idea.
    I take it that was the manager aswell.

    Amazon, Yatego etc. are all saying “THANK YOU EBAY!”
    Their sales have shot sky high thanks to eBay treating their customers as if they are valueless. They’re running!
    More changes to come? More will run!

    You have a complaint as a seller? Call the Powerseller team…..they know how to be rude, unfriendly and most of all, how to tell you to f*** off (just in other words)

    eBay…..promoted in such a friendly, pretty, good feeling place.
    Reality : The greediest, vicous, worst place a seller can invest his money.

    Oh yeah…I forgot. The new “Set Price Listing” fee that was dropped FOR sellers (let’s make it look friendly for the world)….. is’nt that bad at all. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…not really! 😉
    It’s only a hidden increase of 200%!

    Thank you eBay…….but it’s time to invest my money in a company who cherishes ALL of their customers and provide regulations that are FAIR for all.

    Summary : I am glad that the eBay Group are losing their Swass Stickers. I feel I can take off my yellow star now.

    Sorry….it’s harsh writing, but it’s the way I, and many other sellers feel.

  • Guest

    Last year we spent over

  • Guest

    I’m just sitting back and letting ebay do what I know is eventually coming. They are so far out of touch with us that they continue to dig their own grave. And Imust admit, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

    I left them a while back to sell on my own store. You can too by going here http://www.hackswholesale.com/Marketing/DD_index.asp
    it is the cheapest way to get access to dropship products.

    You can even get a store similar to mine. See it here http://www.HacksWholesale.com

  • http://homebusinesshints.com Chuck Anthony

    It’s not as much about appeasing customers as it is about keeping shareholders happy. With 86.3 million active users and gross merchandise volume of $13.6 billion (that’s billion with a b), a so called demise of eBay to ashes is absolutely nowhere in sight. In fact, this info which I gathered from a Standard & Poors report this morning would be indicative of just the opposite. These same Wall Street analysts see eBay net revenue growth of 11% by 2010.

    So what are we comparing here when users start complaining? Apples to apple seeds! It’s like I can complain about how Wal-Mart treats its employees and decide not to shop there. Fine, but will they continue to thrive on the needs of most everyday consumers? Yeah, you can bank on it. These mega corporations are not going away.

  • http://www.aladdinresortcasinolasvegas.com aladdinresortcasinolasvegas

    Im just getting boring of ebay, always the same

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SayCp3mcesQ Click Video

    You should try BARNBID dot COM no listing Fees plus you get $100 credit to your sellers account, free classifield ads etc… If you need a alternative try barnbid. check it and dont forget to download the toolbar thing. Its nice… you can sell anything there…

  • http://samplesite.info Rachel

    It seems the more eBay does, the more fees we pay, the more money eBay & paypal makes and the less money we sellers make. Its not worth it to sell low priced items on eBay anymore because after eBay fees, paypal fees and shipping, you usually end up making nothing or only a few cents. What can you do?

  • Guest

    www.bidtunnel.com its free and easy I will never pay a ebay fee ever again!

  • eBay Power Seller

    I am a power seller on eBay and it’s really getting difficult to make any money these days. If you get just one disgruntled buyer who thinks the shipping fees are to steep, you end up getting hit in your DSR scores, even though you have shipped the item at exact weight and size without adding on a lousy .50 cent handling fee to cover the cost of packing materials and gas to get to the post office. A drop in the DSR score bumps you down in the search ranking and believe me, I have seen the results. Loss of business is real!!!

    As it is, eBay rapes me for between 11% and 15% of every dollar I make and now I have to stomach their choices of payment methods which also nickle and dime me into oblivion. I have finally started to diversify my sales by listing on other sites which charge far less.

    Geeze, I wish Meg was still the caption of the ship, because this new guy is going to scuttle it for sure and I plan on jumping off well before that happens!!!

    I really think http://www.bonanzle.com is going to give eBay a good run. They are just one place I now sell and I am looking for more.

    • Guest

      Meg Whitman is the one who began the terrible chain of poor changes to eBay. She is responsible for the beginning of their demise. Donahoe merely picked up where she left off, so it didn’t leave a stain on her run for Governor of California. She is responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of lost livelihoods, not to mention the thousands of eBay employees laid off, yet she has the audacity to tout her plan for California of creating 2 million jobs by 2015. What a crock. I’d like to think that Californians are smarter than that. Talk is cheap and one’s record of actions speaks volumes.

      • http://www.SusiFrancoFineArt.com Susi Franco

        “I’d like to think that Californians are smarter than that. ”

        Sorry to disappoint, hun’, but you’re talking about people who elected an Austrian actor with ZERO political experience to run their state. I can’t imagine they are smart enough to come in out of the rain by themselves, LOL.

  • http://gurlzgoneglam.blogspot.com Raia

    So… what ebay is saying this time, is that if you are not “highlighted” on their list of “trusted” sellers, you’re untrustworthy?

    Does this mean that anyone searching for your item will be directed to purchase from a diamond seller instead?


    If the un-highlighted sellers are so untrustworthy in ebay’s eyes, why does ebay subject the poor, unsuspecting buyers to them? If those sellers were sooooo untrustworthy, why wouldn’t ebay simply suspend them and ban them from the site?

    Oh… that’s right… they don’t give a flying foo-foo about whether fraud is running rampant on their site or not, they simply want the fees. It’s just another blatant slap in the face to the hard-working, smaller seller, whom they wish to be rid of.

    In a word?


    They still want your fees, they just haven’t figured out a way to collect fees from you and get you off their site at the same time…

    I stopped paying them for this abusive treatment.

    My 11 year anniversary with ebay is in 13 days. I no longer list there. I went through the heartbreak of how they’ve taken (IMO) the best place on the planet to “work” and completely destroy it. I went through the anger at their stupidity for doing this. And, finally I realized and accepted they will never go back to that, no matter how many times we walk outside and bang our head on the sharp rock.

    But, there are GREAT things on the horizon!

    Please, PLEASE come check out the other venues… just give them a shot… keep your ebay store, if you’re not ready to leave, and divert all of your customers to your off-ebay stores and sooner thank you think, you won’t have to tolerate that abuse.

    You’ll be free.


    (BTW, I am not a “BAC”, I just love it there, so I speak up, exactly like I did for ebay 11 years ago with zero “perks”)

    And so many more venues are available for everything and anything you sell/sold on ebay, electronics, vintage and collectibles to artwork and handmade crafts, plus more, just take a look at the list on www.powersellersunite.com and read their forums… they are very helpful.

    I wish you much success! :)

    (sorry that took so long! lol)

    • Guest

      Ebay sales has droped down so low now with all the new mess the got going on. You might as well don’t even list save your time and just hand greedy the $$$ as that is all the want from you all.

      Now here is a good sight to sell on FREE listing and Low FVF come & check it out for your self and see http://Bonanzle.com you be glad you did.

      We are growing like crazy Check out the listing stats for Bonanzle.com on Powersellerunite & see.


    I sell Motorcycle gear on eBay, Amazon, and on my own website. Happily I don’t list many books or movies. I would be really interested in the thought process that led to this decision. Sometimes it seems that who ever dreams up these dumb ideas is doing their best to drive away sellers.

    By saying one of several thousand sellers can be trusted don’t they realize that in essence they are implying that the others are quite as trust worthy?

    I suspect that eBay will roll this idea out to other portions of the site and it will have negative consequences for thousands of other sellers.

    Who thought this up? Moe, Larry, Curly or Shemp?

    Yet another reason to spend my advertising dollars promoting my Yahoo store: HTTP://DONSCYCLEWARE.COM instead of my eBay store: HTTP://BARGAINMOTORCYCLEGEAR.COM

    Good luck to you all.


    • http://LienSaleAuction.com LienSaleAuction.com

      (Special Promotion 2009 Commercial store front) $150.00 yr price includes help building your custom store site and includes all the Auction & ads , fees are Waived 100% for auction and classified ads. for the (year-2009) next year do it again look@LienSaleAuction.com Also NOTE THE Charity part of site 777Ads.com

  • Katie

    A former powerseller, I am boycotting ebay period. I won’t sell there and I won’t buy there. This is just another slap in the face, which is all ebay is good for anymore, other than bleeding your wallet and encouraging and promoting fraud.

    With so many free viable options, I’m selling even more on the internet at a cost of zero, and when not zero, my costs are 96% less than the ebay bleed.

    Funny ebay promotes “trusted” sellers. I’ll take that as an admission they know they have fraudulent sellers there, but don’t care since they still get paid. But if you are willing to pay ebay enough highlighting and ad-on fees, you can become trusted to, no matter how phoney you might be. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    The demise of ebay can’t come soon enough for me. I’m already laughing all the way to the bank at those desperados still hanging on, and paying ebay to rob and abuse them.

  • http://bonanzle.com permacrisis

    Finally! They just came right out and said it… In their long held tradition of ‘brutally honest dishonesty’.

    The only way to keep this from happening again, to keep big business from slowly oozing in and co-opting person-to-person sales venues to their own ends, is to found a non-profit auction site.

    I don’t mean a POOR site for poor people, rather a free auction site whose sole income is donations. Individuals are a lot more apt to donate to something anonymously for no other reason than they like it, than businesses are.

    But the anonyminity is the key, because it takes away the backscratching and the pressure to cave to outside businesses. And the more anonymous the donation mechanism the better. Security.kolla.de (spybot search and destroy) or Alex Feinman (ISO burner project) is a great example of how something like this could start off. Just a guy doing his thing, and using the donations to eat while developing GREAT software.

    Next, you could cap the maximum transaction amount to something reasonable like say 1 or 2 hundred dollars, and the max number of transactions a week to I dunno, 5 or 10… Some arbitrary figure that businesses would consider to be a waste of time, but which would be plenty fine for a fellow emptying out a garage, or someone offering that dusty old missing part.

    Make it an auction site, USA only, 7 day listings and Time Ending Soonest search format and viola! ebay killer. But MUCH more importantly… corporation proof.

    If it existed I’d sure as hell buy AND sell there. ‘And I’d get on my knees and pray… We don’t get fooled again.’

    • Guest

      Try www.Bidtunnel.com its FREE and easy!

  • Joe

    Face it when it comes to ebay there is NO GOOD NEWS…….EVER.

    • Guest

      Thats the reason why I moved to www.bidtunnel.com

    • Guest

      The good news is:

      http://www.Bonanzle.com :)

      • Guest

        Bonanzle is great—they are learning from all of Ebay’s (feebays) mistakes and have gone above and beyond !!

  • http://www.hughzebeezlaughs.blogspot.com/ Hughze

    Once again eBay doesn’t listen to it’s sellers and tries to make life easier for the buyer. Why? Because buyers make eBay rich at the expense of the seller. If eBay is to save itself, eBay needs to (for the billionth time) eliminate or reduce listing fees and/or eliminate or reduce, by more than one half, final value fees. They also need to keep the market floor equal. That means all sellers get equal exposure. Otherwise, Amazon and Bonazle or even your own website are good options to try.

  • mpheadley

    I personally trust the casual seller selling random things they want to get rid of over the dealers! I usually get faster response from the non-dealers, way more of a personal response than the dealers, and definitely better customer service.

    And usually, better deals!

    • Guest

      Check this place out its free to sell www.bidtunnel.com

  • http://www.cdadc.com Down Syndrome – a life style change

    I am mainly a buyer when I go to ebay, and for the most part I dislike the changes as well.

    The only change I do like was when they added PyPal as a way of paying – as it took the hassles out of buying, getting back money from dodgy sellers – a few of them around.

    However, during a time of economic down turn and recession, ebay should be reducing fees, as should the financial in between people.

    My basis of reasoning is that some sellers may not be able to sell stuff and that they shouldn’t have to pay for that problem, which is as much ebays problem as theirs.

    If ebay wants to survive through a recession, it has to have sellers surviving through the recession as well.

    • Guest

      I give http://bidtunnel.com a great review its like the old ebay but free for sellers andshoppers.

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