Earthquake In China Unnoticed By Google?

After cyclone, lack of action stands out

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This article was going to be a quick roundup of Google’s response to the earthquake in China – mention a donations page here, a map there, done.  As it turns out, though, the company didn’t provide much material.

This isn’t to say it should have – Google is a for-profit corporation based in America, and is in no way obligated to take note of natural disasters overseas.  Still, following its response to the cyclone in Myanmar, Google’s reaction to the earthquake seems rather weak.

Google China
Google China After Earthquake

Posts documenting the cyclone and/or soliciting aid for Myanmar’s civilians showed up on the Official Google Blog, the LatLong Blog, the Google Checkout Blog, and the Google Grants Blog.  A "donate" link was put on Google.com, and donation-matching is also taking place.

In contrast, there doesn’t yet appear to be anything in English relating to the earthquake.  Philipp Lenssen only writes, "The homepage of Google China links to a special map showing [earthquake] information.  Auto-translating the homepage text results in: ‘New! Google launched an emergency situation in the earthquake map, view the latest situation in earthquake relief.’"

Again, we’re not pointing fingers.  The situation is odd, though, especially given Google’s presence in China.

Earthquake In China Unnoticed By Google?
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  • http://pinewooddesign.co.uk Guest

    just see those 2 news:

    …….White House spokeswoman Dana Perino also announced Monday that the United States has offered Myanmar an additional $13 million in aid, bringing the total to $16.25 million…..

    ……..U.S. Ambassador to China Clark T. Randt, Jr., presented a check for $500,000 to the China said:"Our hearts sincerely go out to those whose lives have been so cruelly changed by this catastrophe….  Accordingly, President Bush has extended the helping hand of a friend.  He has instructed me, on behalf of the American people and the United States Government, to present a check in the amount of $ 500,000 to the Red Cross….  To the people of China, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this extremely difficult time." ……

    US Goverment give Myanmar 16M and they even dont want accept it.

    China cry for help, Bush send 500 thousand to them.

    • Guest

      Chinese are still considered subhuman. PERIOD.

      • Guest

        and you are still  considered  beast.

      • Guest

        The you are just an animal

      • Guest

        F**k You!

    • Guest

      During the Katrina disaster, the Chinese government donated more than 5 million USD to the USA.

  • http://www.maas1.com ?????

    I love googl

  • thisismofli

    This time, google’s behavior to China is very disappointed. I wish it were profit-driven, since google china didn’t make a lot of money now, but unfortunately, that’s not true.

    Google’s behavior is more like politics-driven… It stamps itself as "Made in USA" and "Popular in Europe". But google is NOT a global company although a lot of its employees are from Asia, just like any other companies in IT industrial fields.


  • Guest

    Sharp Eye!

    Thanks Doug, for bringing this up to the public attention.

  • Guest


  • tai tam

    very disappointed.  People in China and Asia should spread the words not to do business with Google.  It does not care about the people who are suffering, it only care about profits. 

  • Guest

    Why in the hell does China need more MONEY? Seriously, they make sooo much already from the rest of the world, that country is rich, maybe they just need to delegate it better.. Sending aid, fine, sending money? nah!

  • http://click1now.com seabelow

    China could fall off the face of the earth… and I just don’t care…

  • Guest

    Without China we would be doomed. Our ever-growing dependency on the Chinese should allow for the US to donate the 16M Mynmar rejected.  I really can’t believe this major difference in funds.  It’s strange…

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