E-Tailers Enhance User Experience

    October 4, 2007

I read a great article from RarePlay.com last week titled: "Searching For A Perfect Fit" which talks about online clothing retailers offering virtual fitting rooms to further entice visitors to remain on the site and potentially purchase a product.

I thought this was an excellent way to engage visitors by allowing them to see what a piece of clothing would look like on body shape which was similar to theirs. I am not sure what types of results the retailers are seeing but I assume abandonment rates would decrease while orders and time spent on site would increase. Below is a blurb from the article and you can read the rest here.

My Virtual Model

"The online apparel industry has been one of the fastest growing online e-commerce categories over the past few years, but it is also one with a high number of returns partly due to the lack of personalized sizes/measurements.

To reduce return rates and further increase sales, online retail sites like MyShape, Zafu, Intellifit and My Virtual Model are using innovative personalized services for shoppers by offering a collection of clothing outfits to suit an individual’s shapes, sizes and styles.

Other online services like FashMatch, Like and 6pm help users assemble matching outfits using technology that combines both mathematical algorithms (that account for colors and patterns) as well as the collective feedback from its users. "