Don’t Wear Your Straw Hat Near a Hungry Moose

    March 15, 2003

QUESTION: “So, How can a company who has a Vacation Rental Business that is starting up in Vail, Colorado, be at all benefitted by the Internet?”

ANSWER: In your business, you utilize all the conventional avenues to bring customers your way – paid advertising, working with travel professionals, and the many methods commonly used by others within your industry. Well and good!

Now! – what are you doing new and different from the others?

Are you using the Internet? Do you have an Internet marketing strategy? Do you have a unique angle to market your property(ies)?

If you don’t have your own website with your own domain name, consider getting one. Maybe – or something which is unique and descriptive. And…looks good on biz cards, stationary, etc.

Then, knowing that your most important asset is your mailing list, you build one! There are many legitimate ways to do this.

One method is to write your own eReport and give it away on your website in exchange for their email address and name. E.g. if I had a rental property in Jackson Hole, I might write a little about the elk, moose and buffalo wintering over there.

Make it interesting and humorous. Maybe have a short paragraph that leads in with, “When you vacation here, don’t do the following. This is what can happen…” Make it humorous, but get your point across. Your title might be –

“Don’t Wear Your Straw Hat – Near a Hungry Moose!”

Give this eReport away FREE.

Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at – Subscribe to his “Free for Life” newsletter – “CyberSpaceMarketeer” – Receive your Free eBook.