Digg Dudes To Expand Digg.com

    May 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Digg.com is soon to get an overhaul, according Diggers Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. Traditionally a tech site, visitors will soon be able to digg pretty much any darn thing they please.

In a Q&A with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim’s online wing, Rose and Albrecht chewed the fat after a hard day of gaming at L.A.’s E3 2006. (Cartoons and video gamesto call these guys ubergeeks could be deemed accurate, and most assuredly complimentary.)

Rose told Adult Swim that version 3 of Digg would expand to include sections about politics, world news, “you name it.”

“We’re going to have all sorts of different sections of the site. It’s going to be a crazy, crazy upgrade for us. It’s going to be really cool.”

Rose and Albrecht reached a level of fame by co-hosting a television show on G4techTV called The Screensavers. The duo left the show and now host an online Digg.com topic review show called Diggnation, where they drink beer and talk geekology.

Hey kids, forget about being president one day. If you work really hard, you can drink beer on your own IPTV show, watch cartoons and play video games all the time. It’s a lot less work than being president, but the pay is just as good.


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