Daffodil’s Free Java Database

    November 8, 2004

Daffodil Software announced the launch of One$DB, a free version of its Java database – Daffodil DB.

One$DB is exactly the same as Daffodil DB, barring a few features such as Full Text Search, Persistent Stored Modules and Row Sets. In spite of these features being excluded, One$DB still remains comparable to the best that the Java database market has to offer.

Against convention, One$DB does not put any restriction with regards to number of connections, CPU usage and total data storage. Developers can now build, test and deploy new applications at zero license costs. Daffodil will also provide free support for the product through its community forum and will also offer affordable commercial support under its One$/day support program.

“One$DB is a concept that is will prove to be hugely beneficial to SME’s / small ISV’s”, said Yogesh Agarwal, CEO (Daffodil Software). “It offers one of the major benefits of Open Source software by being free and also provides the added advantage of world-class, company-provided support. We believe in being open and transparent to users; consequently, making an Open Source project around Daffodil DB could be our next step”, he added.

“The availability of One$DB as a free version is very good news”, commented Dr. Jrgen Pitschke of Business Consulting Saxony. “The European market will be reciprocative towards such a product. Especially small and medium sized software companies will value the fact that they can develop applications with the free version without additional startup costs.”

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