Custom Music From Web Based Virtual Composer

    February 1, 2007

Steeprock Media, an audio production company focusing on broadcast recording and interactive media has launched Orpheus, a Web-based music library. The purpose of the library is to allow media producers to create customized music that will fit the specific needs of their projects.

Orpheus uses technology licensed from SmartSound Software that streamlines music to exact specifications. The system has practical applications for presentations and allows users to create thematic cues to improve project quality.

The service generates music that is made to order. Users can control the length of a composition up to ten minutes, choose instrumentation, add ambiance effects and create theme-oriented cues. Once the user has created a sound that they like they can download a free preview.

“Multimedia producers are tasked with providing their clients effective music tracks on limited budgets and tight deadlines,” says Dr. Greg Wilder, president of Steeprock Media, Inc. and creator of Orpheus.

The site itself is straightforward and seemed easy to use. On their home page there are nine broad categories of music from Corporate/Promotion to Urban Sounds. In each category there is a sub-category with a description of the music.

The cost of the service ranges from $49 to $99, pre-assembled versions are available for $19 and all come with a royalty-free, buy-out license. Avoiding copyright issues is always a smart move.

Wilder added,” Orpheus is the first web-based solution to bridge the gap between static production libraries and costly customized solutions. With Orpheus, users can customize, store, and share their music tracks from any computer with web access – from anywhere in the world.”

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