Crawford House Collectibles – Short Comments

    June 4, 2003

Some readers don’t send in a lengthy review, but all comments are worth a mention! Here are a few of the short ones.

My comments:
Takes three clicks to get to Products pages.
Need to make links on the index on front page
I like the individual Products pages, you can browse or buy. But might try browse through all products to prevent a customer from having to go back to Product listing page each time.
The colors of the links on the Product listing pages need to be default blue, and the orange is too light.
I don’t even know if the “Store Directory” needs to be there. Maybe they could put the link to their Catalog somewhere else and make that page “About Crawford House”.
Some work needs done on their text sizing. Need to center, table, etc.
Under shipping and “about” they could promote the fact that a customer would only pay $9.55 for anything over $50 purchase.


I looked at your web site:

I think, that blue color of your text should be changed, because it looks like it would be a link, but it is not. Don’t use underline, it very much looks like a link. Or, maybe they are supposed to be links?

I think you could make your site a bit more attractive by using some graphics or photographs.

The products page links could be changed by using brighter color for links.

H.M. Video and Photography

The color scheme on this site is very poor; makes reading difficult. Also, there are a lot of typos. Looks very unprofessional.

Valerie Way

First, they don’t sell much of anything I would want!

Here’s some suggestions and bear in mind, I ain’t a Pro;

Use a solid background, you aren’t selling backgrounds.

On the main page, lose the (**) parenthesis’ around everything. Dang, just make a statement, sell your stuff and don’t hold back.

Make the blue taxt into actual links or change the color. They look like links but they aren’t, no fair.

On the products list page use thumbnail pictures to give a clue to what is being offered.

It should be more interesting. I have no suggestion about how to accomplish that except to not make the pages load any slower.

“Never say what you wouldn’t do”.
Please visit our web site at

I had a quick look at this site and my (first, second and thrid) reactions were that it looks like an amateur operation and that this would not give me much confidence as a potential buyer.

Mostly its about poorly chosen standards (eg pale orange text on a grey background which is not easily read; text on the home page that looks like clickable links but isn’t) and inconsistency across pages. Having said all of that, the products pages have almost got it: simple image and info neatly displayed (if only it all looked like this).

Dr Neil Frearson
The Institute of Ismaili Studies

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