Craigslist Blogs, And They Aren’t Happy

Happy site vexed by competitors and political social-climbers

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Mouthy state attorney generals and music-blaring competitors made an appearance in the new Craigslist blog.

For a look at the inner thoughts at online classifieds site Craigslist, one usually had to hope for a post on Craig Newmark’s personal blog about the business. A company blog has been absent, an almost mind-boggling state of affairs in a time where it seems every business runs one.

Craigslist joined the 21st Century with the debut of their official blog. CEO Jim Buckmaster posted a handful of items over the course of a month, a mix of news and views.

One post noted how job site Monster.com vented some frustration over Craigslist in a childish way. Someone at Monster.com engaged the services of a truck to advertise the site, and play loud music to catch attention.

The driver parked in front of Craigslist’s building several times, to the dismay of people trying to work, before finally confronting the driver. His marching orders included a request to get a photo of the truck in front of the Craigslist office.

“Is it possible that Monster is “green” with envy, now that our job boards alone receive more employment-related traffic than all of monster.com?” Buckmaster asked in his post.

On a more recent topic, Buckmaster blasted Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal over his public comments about Craigslist. Blumenthal criticized Craigslist on profiting from prostitution, an odd position since Craigslist does not charge for those ads, and they don’t carry any type of additional advertising on the site.

Buckmaster pointed out Craigslist incurs expenses each time it enforces terms of services against offending ads. “Craigslist will not be used as a punching bag for false and defamatory statements,” he said, also noting how yellow pages and newspapers in Connecticut run and profit from similar ads, leaving the accusation unsaid that Blumenthal is playing politics with the Craigslist name.

Future posts on the Craigslist blog should be similarly entertaining. Buckmaster isn’t shy with his opinions, but to keep track for now readers will have to bookmark the site. For whatever reason, the official Craigslist blog lacks a newsfeed.

Craigslist Blogs, And They Aren’t Happy
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  • http://www.coachmd.org Redstone

    In all due respect to David Utter’s column regarding Craigslist blogs.  First, Craig Newmark started Craigslist to benefit non-profit agencies and the site invited many freelancers that created a previously dubbed "Craigbay."  Craigbay became a trade paper for junk sales, used items sales, and antiques, and along with the trade a jargon of opinions, blasts, outspoken wiseguys, and intelligent comments found a new life as Craig’s team categorized at multi-tasking speeds the categories of populations and interest groups creating portals in many states and cities so the conversations could create a networking opportunity that offered great prices on rentals, car sales, and a compassionate voice of the country of people that wanted to help one another.  Stories of young couples, women, men, and families posting their needs reporting that they received money freely from people all over the country responding to their posts caught the social interest of readers and internet surfers.  Meanwhile, Craig Newmark started or maybe it pre-existed an Adult Pornography website separate from Craigslist, and the locals of each large city took opportunity as it developed to post free ads on the services section of Craigslist of http://www.craigslist.org  to post massages, sexual favors, and so forth including games, fun, and pervasive opportunity seekers that had no interest or need for money posting adult games.  Unfortunately, a seemy underworld also developed for men that were dissatisfied with adult services offered on the "list."  The angry group began their own blacklist, and became a group of Jedi warriors determined to get even with women offering adult services.  Pictures women posted of black eyes, missing teeth, and brutal beetings reflected stories women told of men that answered their post on the list, only a man hid down the street and two men or only the one man (or sometimes many men) showed up at a woman’s place to attack her, take her money, and rape her.  The list grew and there are black lists that highlight the negative reports about the adult service providers listing on the Craigslist.  Many people are dead including Brianna Denison of Reno Nevada, that were Craigslist users, so the highway of free information listing details about other people and their lives has offered license for vigilantes to do great harm to those that are using their bodies inappropriately for money or not.  The list is in need of governing because though there are stories of the good things brought together, if you look across the country and around the world at the list you will notice that many of the ads are posted by the same person or groups.  Also, there are many poor, pimps that have decided the list is a way to make money by either charging professional adult service providers for posting their ads (free ads) for them, or demanding money from those that do those services.  The fact is danger is another word for the list. 

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