Countdown To Google Webmaster Chat

    June 19, 2008

It’s almost time for webmasters to glue their ears to a phone once more; Google plans to hold another free live chat this afternoon.

Matt Cutts writes, "This time I plan to participate again, but I’ll be answering questions in the Q&A section of the session.  There will also be a presentation by John Mueller about personalization, plus three other Googlers will do mini-presentations of a few minutes each."

Not bad, eh?  Info on all sorts of issues straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.  And all you have to do is put up with a 60-second registration process and the chat’s too-cutesy name, JuneTune.

The timing may not be great, either, depending on where you live – the chat is supposed to start at 5:00pm EDT and then last for an hour – but the location of your workplace is a bit beyond Google’s control.  Just use this as an excuse to eat out or buy an extra nice cup of coffee.

On a final, sort-of-related note (Google, inconveniences, etc.), here’s a reminder that the AdWords system will be unavailable for about five hours on Saturday as it undergoes some maintenance.