Conversational Marketing as a PR Tactic

    January 4, 2008

In a recent post about who is in the conversation John Batelle says that while the  online conversation has very obvious benefits for the users, one of the troublemsome spots has been how do we keep it going and still pay the rent?  Or the hosting, in this case.

Most writers who have a following online write because it’s a passion. Readers/viewers come back because the content is compelling and they value the conversation.

Batelle makes the case that advertisers who are joining the conversation – those who are brave and innovative enough to learn the grammar and language – get the most bang for their marketing buck.

He cites some good examples in this long post about Conversational Marketing

Advertisers who use the medium to actually talk to their readers and get their  feedback?   Now where have I heard the phrases ‘establishing and maintaining relationships with your audience’ and  ‘creating a climate of mutual understanding between an organization and its publics’?  Oh yes, it’s in the definition of public relations.

Seems the ad folk are using PR tactics, And it’s working.  

Take a leaf out of their book. Figure out where the your particular pilgrims are pitching their tents and learn the language and grammar of their conversation.