Consumers Embrace Men’s Search Engine

    October 14, 2004

One week after its launch, the MaZaZZ men’s search engine is quickly drawing a mass of new visitors.

Consumers from across the globe are embracing the new search engine targeting men. The new search engine takes all the traditional search engine tools and caters these tools to the interests of men. “We like the initial response to MaZaZZ! we have received from consumers”, said Karl Hall, chief executive officer, KaZaZZ! (owner of MaZaZZ!) “The dramatic increase in traffic shows consumers have a strong interest in this type of search engine”.

MaZaZZ! features web, news, shopping, mp3 and picture search. These search tools have been integrated together to provide men with a high quality online search experience. For example, web search includes a preview of pictures related to the search request within the search results.

In addition, MaZaZZ! offers pay-per-click advertising targeting the men’s market. This service allows advertisers the ability to promote their products and services to men using specific keywords. These keywords are matched to actual search requests and search results are displayed to consumers based on the bid amounts for these keywords. Minimum bids for this advertising program start at $.10 per keyword.

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