Congressional Concerns Confront Google-Yahoo Deal

    June 24, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Antitrust concerns aside, or at least within the purview of another committee, both houses of Congress face the need to consider regulation of online advertising.

Both Yahoo and Google feel their agreement to deliver Google advertising alongside Yahoo search results violates no antitrust regulations. The Justice Deparment is considering the merits of that argument.

Other potential issues may arise with other committees looking into the online ad industry. AdAge said Congress has privacy and targeting concerns weighing on the thoughts of many on Capitol Hill.

Online advertisers live with the fear of greater federal scrutiny, or worse, regulation. Like the banking industry, Google and others prefer self-regulation, thank you very much.

“The rapid changes in this market and further underscores the need for close scrutiny of the impact on consumers,” AdAge cited Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) as stating. He wants a hearing this summer on the matter of online advertisers banding together like Google and Yahoo, and that impact on competition and other issues.

Representatives from the big Internet companies should plan on logging a lot of time in DC this summer. Several other committees have an interest in the future of online advertising. One would hope the American consumer does so as well.<./p>