comScore Discusses December Stats

    January 15, 2008

Christmas is, generally speaking, all about traditions.  And some of comScore’s December 2007 data shows all the names you’d expect to see.  Other parts, however – such as the "Top 10 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors" – display some oddballs.

An example: with a 170 percent gain between November and December, OfficeMax led the way.  Was a pack of pencils this year’s perfect gift?  Number two was JibJab Media, with their videos perhaps providing a distraction from whatever family squabbles made the season less pleasant.  Intuit, the maker of Quicken and TurboTax, placed third, and that seems likely to speak to financial issues.comScore Discusses December Stats

So let’s move into safer territory – comScore‘s "Top 50 Properties."  Yahoo topped the charts with 136.6 million unique visitors, while Google’s 133.0 million weren’t too far behind.  Next up came Microsoft, with 120.0 million, and Time Warner, with 119.5 million.

Meanwhile, in more vague categories, some expected segments showed themselves.  comScore identified "Fragrances/Cosmetics," "Consumer Goods," and "Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories" as the three fastest-growing sectors in December.

So there was a little tradition, after all.  Also, who knows – maybe office supplies, amusing clips, and money management are becoming family affairs, as well.