Comment is free

    March 15, 2006

An evolutionary development in mainstream media engagement with readers and others by The Guardian in the UK, which has launched Comment is free:

Comment is free is a major expansion of Guardian comment and analysis on the web. It is a collective group blog, bringing together regular columnists from the Guardian and Observer newspapers with other writers and commentators representing a wide range of experience and interests. The aim is to host an open-ended space for debate, dispute, argument and agreement and to invite users to comment on everything they read.

The blog is updated regularly through the day, with best blogs featuring on our pick of the day. We also carry all the comment from the Guardian and Observer newspapers, giving readers the chance to comment on these articles directly for the first time.

In her introductory post yesterday, site editor Georgina Henry said:

It will [] be joined by a host of outside contributors – politicians, academics, writers, scientists, activists and of course existing bloggers to debate, argue and occasionally agree on the issues of the day.

Interesting comments to that post! But the blog is a great addition to the Ongoing Debate.

A good indicator of what Rupert Murdoch is talking about.


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