ColdFusion Spurs A Trio Of Podcasts

    May 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A pugnacious pursuer of ColdFusion information can discover knowledge and product tips through podcasts available online.

In the world of ColdFusion, the community can draw upon books from the likes of Ben Forta and other skilled ColdFusion pros to augment their skills. New information and tools become available, or update, or even change all the time, and even the most dedicated publisher has trouble keeping pace.

The Internet does not suffer that time-delay problem. Anyone can put content online, in a variety of ways. While the printed word dominates the medium, audio and video podcasts have gained in acceptance, primarily by dedicated niches though some like Rocketboom have achieved broader appeal.

The ColdFusion Podcast discusses issues and topics related to the platform. Recently it has been published on a fortnightly schedule, but that’s not a problem for those who subscribe to receive automatic updates.

The latest podcast hit the Net on May 1, where the podders discuss ColdFusion frameworks, Community Flex, and the new Fusebox 4.1 book.

If that’s not enough for one’s ColdFusion listening pleasure, there is the “virtually live” weekly call-in podcast at ColdFusion Weekly. Followers of the show can telephone or Skype the hosts Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell with questions and thoughts on ColdFusion.

ColdFusion and Java trainer Hal Helms pairs with Fusebox books author Jeff Peters for their podcast, called Helms and Peters – Out Loud. While more general in topic than the other two podcasts, they do touch on ColdFusion issues.

Discovering all of these podcasts took just one stop today – Fusion Authority. For those who haven’t visited it yet, it’s worth a look.


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