ClickTracks Releases Version 6.5

    March 6, 2007

ClickTracks is ready to release version 6.5 of its Analytics software, "designed specifically for the needs of sophisticated marketers deploying high-traffic ecommerce and large-scale web sites."

ClickTracks Version 6.5 incorporates a number of new or enhanced features, including:

Performance Increases – ClickTracks overnight processing speed is improved multifold through use of a new statistical caching algorithm

KPI Report – Graph Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a timeline for over a dozen metrics and unlimited segments

Data Dissection Report – Sort cross tab performance statistics for unlimited visitor types and website variables.

I also has had the opportunity to get ClickTracks CEO Joh Marshall’s thoughts on version 6.5:

[Manoj]: How will ClickTracks 6.5 adjust their marketing strategies now that ClickTracks has the ability to focus on large scale websites?

[John]: We are sponsoring the Emetrics Summit this year, for example. You’ll certainly see more of us in the online media too.

[Manoj]: Has the relationship with J.L. Halsey Corporation helped you achieve version 6.5 quicker and more efficiently?

[John]: Yes. We’re able to achieve scale much more easily and we benefit from being part of a larger organization.

[Manoj]: What separates ClickTracks’ product from Omniture’s or WebTrends’

[John]: Ease of implementation, ease of use, shorter time to data that impacts the business.

[Manoj]: What is your favorite part of ClickTracks 6.5?

[John]: The data dissection report. Take a slice through the data, for any segment, and learn something unique in just a few seconds.Like all our reports it’s designed to be understood at a glance of course, but the depth of knowledge you can gain from this is exceptional.

I look forward to seeing the impact ClickTracks 6.5 will make in the enterprise level Web Analytics space.


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