Click Forensics Launches Traffic Quality Dashboard

    August 11, 2009

Click Forensics has introduced a new traffic quality dashboard aimed at helping ad networks and publishers pinpoint good and bad online advertising traffic sources.

The dashboard is designed to help manage downstream publishers and affiliates and adjust online traffic sources and campaigns to improve quality and performance goals.

Paul Pellman, Chief Executive Officer, ClickForensics
Paul Pellman
Chief Executive Officer

"Our new dashboard provides a powerful and simple way for ad networks and publishers to figure out who’s sending bad traffic and who’s sending good traffic to CPC and display ads," said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics.

"Ad networks and publishers can use the information to increase the quality of traffic they deliver, resulting in improved advertiser retention and spend."

The new dashboard is accessible via web browser and can be used to identify, filter and block traffic that should not be billed or paid for.

Features of the dashboard include:

Click Type Identification – identifies 15 different categories of click types, including click fraud, out-of-geo clicks, double-clicks, volume spikes and sources of publisher collusion-fraud. In addition, it pinpoints sources of botnet attacks and spiders as well as traffic from co-location facilities.

Traffic Source Scoring – scores individual sources of online advertising traffic so publishers and ad networks can view the overall traffic quality they’re experiencing at any given time. Users can drill down into specific publishers, sub-publishers and advertisers for detailed information on click quality sources and destinations of high- and low-quality traffic.

Web Site Screening Tool – provides publishers and ad networks with a consolidated view of all publicly available information on a particular web site’s traffic quality, including WHOIS and registrant information as well as one-click access to traffic volume statistics from Alexa and Compete. In addition, it includes up-to-date traffic quality data collected from the Click Forensics community.

‘Movers and Shakers’ View – flags traffic sources with significant changes in volume or quality. The information can be used to alert publishers and ad networks of potential areas of concerns as well as traffic sources that have significantly improved or degraded in quality.