Choose Mobile Data Service Providers For SMS Enterprise Text Messaging

    April 18, 2005

Need SMS Enterprise Text Messaging Services? Choose Mobile Data Service Providers and not Mobile Operators.

This article gives a brief comparison between SMS Service / text messaging by Mobile Data Service Provider (MDSP) and Mobile Operator (Mobile Operator) SMS Service / text messaging service. The comparison is based on the top ten factors as identified in a study done by the author in various countries including US, UK, Germany, India and Singapore. The mean score of ranking of importance of each factor as identified is provided as below.

1. Redundancy:-

MDSP: Connected to multiple operators leading to a highly reliable service.

Mobile Operator: Single operator service. No service if operator network breaks down

2. Scalability and Flexibility (in throughput):-

MDSP: Highly flexible. Ramps up throughput at a short notice

Mobile Operator: Dependent on Operator policy. Normally, does not make any change for a specific customer

3. Security:-

MDSP: Transmitted using HTTPS protocol from client application to Mobile Data Service Provider’s Server with a third party certification.

Mobile Operator: Normally offer HTTP protocol with security gaps

4. Support:-

MDSP: 24X7 efficient support with clear escalation policy. Relevant people directly contactable, anytime.

Mobile Operator: Support quality poor, bureaucratic leading to high turnaround time

5. Client applications:-

MDSP: Provides a range of client applications with rich features for quick deployment

Mobile Operator: Provide URL based SMS service

6. SMS cost:-

MDSP: Low as Mobile Data Service Provider pass on the advantage of its large volume buying to its customers

Mobile Operator: Likely to be high

7. Online / real-time delivery report:-

MDSP: Ensures delivery report at the user interface

OPT: If they provide delivery reports, it is on URL

8. Level of understanding of IT back-end systems:-

MDSP: Very high

Mobile Operator: Very low

9. Business focus: –

MDSP: Only mobile data services

Mobile Operator: Mainly voice

10. Short-code compatibility:-

MDSP: Receives messages from subscribers of all operators on 4 digit short code

Mobile Operator: Can receive messages only from its own subscribers

There are several Mobile Data Service Providers, specially in Europe and Asia. They provide mobile data services / SMS text messaging services (e.g. ValueFirst Messaging Pvt. Ltd., for enterprises. Typically, an MDSP provides an end-to-end mobile data services / SMS text messaging services on GSM/CDMA/GPRS networks using SMS software / applications services and products.

This article has been contributed by Mr. Vijay Shukla Vijay has over 8 years of industry experience in management consulting and providing innovative services and applications around mobile data services for large enterprise. The above article represents personal views of the author. He can be contacted at