CEO Of CIA VC Firm Resigns

    April 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

In-Q-Tel, a venture capital company associated with the CIA and other components of the espionage world, saw its CEO Amit Yoran resign after just four months on the job.

Yoran’s biography has not been removed from the website yet, but the Washington Post reported the CEO resigned his position over the weekend.

He cited issues close to home as the reason for his abrupt departure:

“It’s a very amicable parting,” said Yoran, 35. “I will say I’m sorry and disappointed as well. But these are personal issues. . . . My continued performance as CEO was not going to be possible.”

Although In-Q-Tel frequently finds mention as a venture capital firm, its true intent is to find and identify startup companies working on technology that could be of use to the intelligence community.

The report noted Yoran’s observation that some 120 technologies backed by In-Q-Tel have been adopted and put into use by the intelligence community. Naturally, he could not discuss those in any detail, citing security reasons.

This has been a very active news day regarding CEO departures. First, CEO Steve Berkowitz punches out of IAC to take a position at Microsoft overseeing MSN. IAC announced today Jim Lanzone would succeed Berkowitz.

Then, the always-quotable Scott McNealy yielded the Sun Microsystem’s CEO chair to company president/COO Jonathan Schwartz. McNealy will stay on as chairman of the company.


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