CareerBuilder Launches New site

    January 19, 2007

If you work in a stressful environment and feel like your job is driving you closer to old age and death there is a new site that may be of interest. and ad agency Cramer-Krasselt have teamed to create Age-o-Matic. The site allows users to upload photos of themselves and then ages the photo 50 years to demonstrate how working in a stressful environment can make you old.

Users can then email the altered photos to family and friends. There is an audio feature, which mimics how the user will sound 50 years in the future.

“With Age-o-Matic, we will continue to focus on the theme of job dissatisfaction, a potent message that has enabled to connect with millions of consumers over the last two years,” said Richard Castellini, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at “Age-o-Matic is an evolution of last year’s online execution, actively engaging consumers in the brand while enabling them to have greater control over content and customization. We expect the experience to resonate well as workers re-evaluate and seek out new jobs in the New Year.”

One -in-five workers plan to change jobs in 2007 according to a survey from CareerBuilder. The survey also found that a positive work environment was one of the top three factors that were most important to job seekers.

“We’ve always known that bad jobs can make us ‘feel’ old, and Age-o-Matic has created an environment where dissatisfied employees can actually ‘see’ how their bad jobs are impacting them,” said Marshall Ross, C-K’s Chief Creative Officer. “This is the sweet spot of viral marketing because the entertainment value is high while still being a highly strategic fit for the CareerBuilder brand.”

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