Cancelled TV Shows 2014: List Grows

By: Kimberly Ripley - May 12, 2014

The cancelled TV shows 2014 list is has grown over the past few days with several seemingly popular shows not making the cut for a new season. Forbes has actually compiled a new list that features not only those shows cancelled, but those renewed and new to TV as well.

Let’s concentrate on those cancelled TV shows for which 2014 wasn’t a very good year.

ABC is saying goodbye to Trophy Wife, Mixology, Suburgatory, Super Fun Night, and The Neighbors. CBS is bidding adieu to The Crazy Ones (this is a bit of a surprise since it stars Robin Williams and marks his return to TV for the first time in decades), Intelligence, Hostages (how long did they think they could continue this hostage situation anyway?), Friends With Better Lives, and Bad Teacher. NBC is canceling Community (again), Revolution (this has simply become too complicated–all sense of reality has long been removed), Crisis, Believe, Growing Up Fisher (come on–we liked the guy from the Farmers Insurance commercial. J.K. Simmons is a really cool blind dad), and The Michael J. Fox Show (it’s really hard to understand some of what Michael J. Fox says).

Fox is axing Enlisted, Surviving Jack, Dads, and Almost Human. And finally The CW is getting rid of The Carrie Diaries (it’s about time), The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, and Nikita.

How many of your favorites were flushed?

A few renewals came with conditions. It seems that NBC’s Parenthood is back for what is deemed their final season. And The Mentalist on CBS reportedly just made the cut for renewal by the skin of its teeth.

Some new shows for which 2014 was a very good year include Chicago P.D. and About A Boy–both NBC productions. Their viewership soared almost immediately and maintained throughout their second and first seasons, respectively.

How do you feel about the cancelled TV shows 2014 list? Were there some that you think should have been cancelled that got the green light for yet another season instead?

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  • Southern_Breeze

    Gee. Does this mean ABC is going to renew Modern Family? What a waste of a primetime slot!!! I figure when losses from the show overtake their desire to kiss the KGCM association’s nasty backside, the show will finally go where it belongs. In the trash!

  • Dee Dee

    I love Modern Family! I hope it’s on for many more seasons. Gee Southern Breeze, is your objection due to the show portraying a gay couple?

  • elle

    I watched surviving Jack and found it a good enjoyable show. One of the few comedies to come along. Sorry to see it go. Hope someone changes their mind.

  • capa760

    What do you mean that Nikita is cancelled? When has it been on lately? I faithfully had watched it, and have not heard nor seen it return after last year.

    • cheri

      Nikita aired its final season fall 2013 it was only a 6 week season and ended when they were finally free

      • capa760

        Thanks, Cheri .

  • wayne

    I would have thought the Dome would be the next to go. I read the book and the first chapter was a total waste of time and I can’t see the next one being any better. It bears little resemblance to novel.

  • jason

    I cant believe they r canceling revolution just when the shit starts to get good and interesting and then wam and being human shit its all the good shows I watch warehouse 13 ends this season to and all I can see is crap on tv wow

    • Frank Mellace

      Revolution is one of the best shows on TV. The ratings faultered because you couldnn’t watch it two weeks in a row all season until these last few show. Olympics and every other delay killed the series. This show should get picked up by a smart network willing to air it every week like a series should be viewed…wonder what the ratings would be for Big Bang Theory if it was on one week and not the next three then on two weeks and off two weeks….this is total bullcrap

      • Rustee

        I agree! Revolution is one of my favorite shows! How could they do this! Could it be because it’s about people revolting against the US government?

        • Frank Mellace

          They are not the government…they are “PATRIOTS”.. lol