Buy a Domain, Get a Blog

    December 21, 2005

Not too long ago, USB hard drives were expensive and uncommon.

Today, companies give them away with their logos imprinted on them. It’s a fairly typical pattern for technology-things that were geeky yesterday are commonplace today. It appears the pattern will repeat with blogs. GoDaddy, the domain registry service, has announced that it will give you a hosted blog for free when you register a domain with them.

GoDaddy lists a number of the blog’s features, including customizable templates, image and audio upload, IP banning, surveys and site statistics. There’s no word on commenting or trackbacks. But the notion that a blog could be a giveaway incentive to buy something else is a new one. The blogs do feature GoDaddy ads across the top. I wonder if they’ll charge a few to get rid of them. The press release is here.

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