Bush: Use Blogs Spread the Good Word

    March 23, 2006

According to Wizbang President Bush during an audience Q&A encouraged supporters of the war to use blogs and word of mouth to spread good news about Iraq…

“One of the things that we have to value is that that we do have a media, free media that’s able to do what they want to do and I – you ask me to say something in front of all the camera here [laughter]. Help over there will ya? I just got to keep talking and word of mouth, there’s blogs, there’s internet, there’s all kinds of ways to communicate which is literally changing the way people get their information and so if you’re concerned I would suggest that you reach out to some of the groups that are supporting the troops, that got internet sites and just keep the word moving.”

There’s video footage here. Sounds like he might actually get it…or someone close to him sure does. Now, does the government work with bloggers to do the same? It’s unclear.

Link: Bush: Use Blogs to Spread the Truth About Iraq

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