7 Bullets to Making an Easy Sale

    June 26, 2003

Let’s say you already know what a visitor actually want from you, since you’re successful in driving targeted traffic. Right? You’ve tried hard to get everything there is to turn her down as a customer. That includes your website design, guarantees, ease of interface etc.

But if you’re successful in attracting her towards your site, then why you’re having trouble in making sales? Here’s the answer.

You’ve forgot, or ignored to use the human psychology.

Yes! Psychology. It’s like the electrical element of a bulb. As the bulb can’t produce light without its element, marketing without integrating psychology doesn’t generate sales.

Now you don’t have to be a psychologist in order to make sales. Luckily there are 7 proven tactics available for use. There’s no hidden secret. You can use these 7 tactics to make sales whenever you wish.

Here are the 7 bullets:

But remember! These bullets work best if your site is highly focused and targeted. Also a good ad copy with a little creativity is a MUST.

Bullet 1 – Create Value

The first step to making sales is getting your prospective buyer know your product. The best way to do this is by creating value in your prospect’s mind.

The way to create value is by listing the benefits of your product, and then integrating these benefits tactfully with your prospect’s need and wants.

Increasing value can easily be done by simply adding bonuses that cost you little or nothing to add and create a ‘package deal’. Ofcourse, there are a lot of other techniques too. If you’re successful in creating value, you’re half way home. Be sure you have this basic ingredient in your overall marketing campaign.

Bullet 2 – Give Her a Personal Touch

I guess it’s self-explanatory. Everyone wants to be given importance. One-to-one. Think yourself from your visitor’s mind. Would you like to purchase anything if you’re not given proper care and importance as a customer? I bet you don’t. Everyone has self-respect.

Everyone wants to get honored. Do you know the primary reason for the huge success of Amazon.com? Yes, it’s the ‘personal touch’ factor. They treat their customer as king. Even if the customer is a hard nut, they have a policy to please him till he gets satisfied. So, do include the personal touch factor in your marketing strategy.

Bullet 3 – Be Original

Create your own unique business niche. There’s no other better way to achieve success with sales than having a niche business. If you’re really serious about long-term business success, this is crucial. Although, coming up with a niche seems intimidating to some people, it’s really easy to find one. Just keep reading my other niche building articles to explore the niche magic.

Bullet 4 – Ignite Her Desire to Capture Success

Success is a very powerful word. Used positively with emotions, this word can do wonders. Use words to paint a picture of life in your prospect’s mind after they’ve bought your product. A good technique is to activate your prospect’s subconscious mind by creating mental movies in her mind.

Writing, that is filled with descriptive nouns and verbs conveys action to the reader’s mind. It serves as a secret in making your reader ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘act’ on your command.

Bullet 5 – Satisfy Her Idolization Needs

Have you ever wondered why they choose Michael Jordan and not you to sell Hanes underwear? The reason is simple, everyone has certain idolization needs – the desire to relate to and connect with our “heroes”. Don’t take personally, but I probably wouldn’t buy underwear from you in a million years.

So try getting your product positioned at a place, or on a famous personality where it can satisfy your prospect’s idolization needs.

Bullet 6 – Proof Sells

Nobody wants to be a fool, or get robbed. It’s the human nature to have protection and security. Before buying anything, everyone wants to know whether the product they’re buying is of quality, or not? Or, the money they’re paying is worth the product or not?

You eliminate your prospect’s skepticism by providing verifiable proofs. If your product have proofs, you can easily eliminate her skepticism. To provide proofs, testimonials can be used. Nothing works better than word of mouth. People want to know how the other person has benefited from your product.

Bullet 7 – Repeat Repeat and Repeat

One of the most powerful tools of persuasion is repetition. Advertising man and author Kenneth Goode, in his 1932 book, “Advertising” wrote…

“As a matter of fact, the greatest of all advertising tricks is that of persistently pounding away at the same suggestion while still keeping the appearance of freshness of idea.”

The more you repeat your basic offer or basic reasons to buy, the more you will influence your reader’s sub-conscious mind.

The above bullets are the proven methods to make sales. Have these bullets in your marketing shotgun — and fire them at your visitor. All I can say is Good Luck!

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