Gets Upgraded

    July 21, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Intelliseek’s search engine offers a look inside the activity of various blogs on the Internet.

The major upgrade announced by the site will showcase more daily blog data. Intelliseek will add a BlogPulse Profiles section to the site. That feature, currently in beta, lets users find out more information on a specific blog or blogger. Gets Upgraded

BlogPulse now ranks the top blogs, blog posts, news sources, and news stories daily. “With this new edition of BlogPulse, marketers and bloggers can gain a much deeper understanding of how key bloggers are shaping, catalyzing, and influencing broader perceptions about brands, products, services and everyday issues,” said Intelliseek CEO Mike Nazzaro in a statement.

This update also enhances searches conducted through the site for blogs. Query results will be sorted with a combination of data and blog rank contributing to that order.

Intelliseek has created an entertainment blog to focus on celebrity news and other topics like movies and music. Currently, news on the latest Harry Potter book occupies a couple of spots on that list of recent posts, in the wake of the release of the sixth book in the series.

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