Blog Traffic Builders: Ideas That Work

    March 2, 2005

Blog visitor traffic is important to many bloggers. While readership numbers aren’t important to every blogger, many blog owners are attempting to build their visitor totals as much as possible.

There is still room for improvement for all but the elite A-List bloggers. Even the top 100 traffic getters are searching for more an ever wider readership.

Breathing the rarified air of A List blogdom has its price!

Anyway, for the rest of the B-List and C-List Bloggers, defined by Dave Pollard of How To Save The World (via Blogcritics) as having 1000 to 15,000 (average 2500) and from 150 to 1000 (average 500) page views per day respectively, a little traffic building effort can go a long way.

Another group of up and coming blogs received from 50 to 150 page views per day.

Apparently, the balance of the blogs, representing over 99% of bloggers, enjoy from 0 to 50 page views each day, with an average page view total of 3.

The simple fact is it’s fairly easy to rise to that top 0.4% of all bloggers (totalling about 20,000 blogs in all) who receive any real readership at all.

Take heart.

You are one of a very tiny, tiny minority of frequently read blogs.

Enjoy your search for more readership, and don’t deny the desire to find even more visitors on your logs.

After all, whether you realized it or not, you are already an elite blog based on your existing readership totals.

Now, how do you successfully raise readership numbers, since you are already in the top 20,000 blogs.

By the way, how does it feel to be a top ranked blog?

Especially when you didn’t even know it!

One technique that gets me a heavy level of traffic is posting to the various internet carnivals.

For even more visitor traffic, consider hosting a blog carnival yourself.

A convenient all enclusive entry form, for entry into most of the major blog carnivals, is available from The Conservative Cat.

Another proven visitor builder is article writing. I have articles and columns all over the internet. They range from guest blog posts to freely posted articles to paid articles.

Posting helpful information on internet forums and message boards always nets a few new readers each and every day. Some of the visitors arrive from some very old posts too, so be sure to always be professional, courteous, and a source of sound information. Posts on message boards endure.

Comments written on other blogs have always yielded some new visitors. By (I hope) adding some helpful and interesting comments on other blogs, many of that blog’s readers have clicked back to my blog.

Of course, the search engines and blog directories are constant sources of brand new visitor traffic. On some blogs, they form the bulk of the traffic suppliers, in and of themselves.

Make sure your blog has lots of incoming links, and has keywords in your post titles that match what was written in the post. Regular posting also helps. In other words think SEO. Search engine optimization helps get your blog noticed.

After all, your blog has to be seen and known to be visited.

With little real effort, and being helpful to others, you too can rise from up and comer (50 – 150) to C-List (150 – 1000) to B-List (1000 – 15000).

After that, you are on your own when you become an A-Lister!

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