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I’m buried in work at the moment, and can’t find time to blog about all the things I want to. But maybe that’s a good thing …

I might be a part of the Blog Overkill Jack Shafer is talking about. He thinks there’s a “… danger of hyping a good thing into the ground.”
(Via PR Machine)

Much is said these days about folksonomies and folksonomy-based URL tracking. It’s very interesting and it would be even more interesting if someone discussed it with a critical perspective. I mean, how do you practically use ? Well, it’s probably me being stupid. Take a look at the Community Engine for one idea of how to get value from folksonomy. Asterisk has a very, very simple overview too (via Column Two).

Chris Locke: “…the people who’ve developed this new skill of comparing notes — across once-rigid company departments and divisions, across legends-in-their-own- mind corporate monoliths, across across still-ossified industry lines of demarcation — are not going to pay much heed to some johnny come lately ‘corporate blogger’ telling them some useless information about how white their shirts can be. To paraphrase Mick and and lads: that don’t give no satisfaction.”

He’s a brilliant writer. I want him to be right. But I don’t like this almost arrogant idea that the true bloggers are the old bloggers and new (corporate) bloggers will – by definition – be a gang of PR people. As I’ve said before – the really early adopters are road signs. They help people find the way. But they have very little to do with what happens at the destination.

For the record: I started my first blog 4 years ago. I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle of this time line.

Finally Modern Marketing has a good post: What is Open Source Marketing?
“The love affair between big brands and mass media is over. But where do marketeers go next? Open Source Marketing has the answers.”
(See related interview from this blog too).

Fredrik Wacka is the author and founder of the popular CorporateBlogging.Info blog which is a guide to business and corporate blogging.

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Blog Overkill – And More
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