Blog Out: When Blogging Becomes a Chore

    August 21, 2006

Blog out might not be the proper blogspeak term, but everyone who has blogged for at least three months understands the phenomenon.

Blog out is that feeling that blogging is just not fun any longer. It’s the sense that writing blog posts has become a chore and a duty. Blogging even takes on the feel of drudgery and pain. The blog owner feels burned out on blogging and all of its related activities.

A blogger experiencing blog out is no longer writing because they want to express themselves. They post because of a sense of obligation to their readership. Blogging shouldn’t be that way.

One of the causes of blog out is a constant concern with visitor traffic logs. Checking the number of visitors to the blog ten times per day will not increase the readership levels. It serves only to frustrate the blog owner who believes no one is reading the slaved over postings. Forgetting to check the visitor logs for at least a week is a good place to start. You might be interested to know that I rarely check my visitor logs any longer. I know people read my blog. I understand they don’t visit on a daily basis. Obsessing over numbers is not good for the blogging soul.

Another reason that bloggers begin to burn out is concern about what to use for the next posting topic. Many good bloggers keep a list of potential posting ideas handy at all times. When an idea for a column pops into their head, they write it down. Keep a pencil and notepad handy, as topics often appear as if by magic. You want to be prepared for those glorious moments of inspiration.

Often, bloggers become disillusioned with blogging when it doesn’t meet their lofty expectations. Many people start a blog with dreams of thousands of daily visitors, all forming wonderful relationships, and happily linking to your blog by the hundreds of invound links. When this happy result fails to materialize instantly, discouragement replaces optimism. The blog soon joins the millions of other abandoned blogs that also began with such high hopes. Keep your goals realistic and achievable, and blog out will be less likely to rear its ugly head.

Blogging is a slow process, requiring patience and perserverance. All of the good things a blog can produce will appear in the fullness of time. It just won’t be today.

Keep your expectations at a reasonable level, record any good posting ideas that occur to you during the day, and give your visitor stats a rest. By following these basics, your blog will continue to be a source of fun and enjoyment. Let the blog provide the desired results in its own time. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Just say no to blog out.

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