Biz Week Buzz Stirs Flock Frenzy

    October 9, 2005

Flock, the Web 2.0 browser sensation that hasn’t even shipped its flagship browser to the public yet, got still more golden PR from another big media outlet, this time from Business Week.

The buzz surrounding Flock seems to be reaching a fever pitch, and we common folk can only wonder whether all the hype is justified. I’m starting to think Flock will either be the biggest thing ever to happen to web browsing or the biggest flop.

The internet desperately needs true browser innovation. As good as Firefox is, it’s really not that much better than IE. In general, we’re still trapped in the dark ages when it comes to content publishing, information retrieval and collaboration. I do think the best is yet to come. Getting there won’t be easy.

It’s one thing to aim for the best browser ever (with only 12 developers to boot), and another thing entirely to deliver the goods. Here, as always, execution is everything. I’m hoping Flock can pull it off.

Cory Kleinschmidt is co-founder of, which offers a unique analysis of search engine and eBusiness trends. As Webmaster of Traffick, he designed the site, and continues to maintains it and contributes informative articles for webmasters and internet professionals.