Bill Xia And The Idea War

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China’s relentless censorship of ideas dangerous to the central government have relied on a “Great Firewall” of technology to restrict Internet access; Xia’s DynaWeb proxy helps those ideas escape the US-powered technology that would stop them.

Bill Xia And The Idea War
The Battle For Independent Thought

Xia wrote a lengthy article that appeared in the Mercury News detailing some of the work he and his colleagues have performed to thwart China’s Idea War. In recounting the two-week effort needed to update DynaWeb to permit Chinese users to access the unfiltered version of Google, he noted it was time to speak out about the issue.

“I feel it is important to speak out for the estimated 300,000 people in China who rely on my services but who cannot make their voices heard,” he said. That stifling escalated around the anniversary of the June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre.

When the ability to access Google.com and other Western sites vanished in the face of an all-out assault by China’s government.

“My colleagues and I spent two weeks, working round-the-clock, revising software that Chinese citizens could use to circumvent the censorship and gain access to the Western news and information sites the government sought to deny them,” said Xia.

That worked, and users can again get through to blocked sites. It’s a dramatic turnaround for Xia, who once disbelieved the tapes of the Tiananmen attacks he viewed while in the US in the late 1990s.

“Our volunteers have proved again and again that we can defeat even China’s costly technologies and its legions of Internet police. Chinese citizens are hungry for uncensored information. When we first launched, one excited user sent us a message that read, simply, “Thank you” — repeated hundreds of times,” Xia said.

The DynaWeb technology combines a network of intelligent proxies with peer-to-peer software. Although Xia noted about 90 percent of DynaWeb’s users are in China, a number of users in Myanmar and Vietnam also use the software.

Staying a step ahead of China’s authorities has been an ongoing challenge for Xia, once just another intelligent graduate student being educated in America, disbelieving the horror of the Tiananmen videos.

Now that he has been a practitioner of the banned religion Falun Gong, Xia said he is now a public enemy in China.

It’s important for our readers to understand how companies like search engines operate. There is more to them than just search marketing programs and keyword bidding processes.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all want those online advertising dollars in the US. They also would like to receive them in China, as all three have operations in the country now, and abide by Chinese law as they state they must.

That makes fighting the Idea War a little more difficult.

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Bill Xia And The Idea War
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  • Guest

    Hello, I was wondering if there was an email, phone number, or address I could get ahold of Bill Xia. Please contact me back at thenson379@cardinal.wju.edu I would appreciate it. Thanks Chad

    • Guest

      Bill Xia, if you read this, email me at InstigatingBastard@gmail.com

  • CommunistChineseAgent

    Bill Xia can struggle as he wants. He will never win the cat0rat game. But if we get him or his family, he will be punished and executed. We wil have to find a way to stop his rebel. If he should continue on this propaganda fight, we might have to send assassins in USA to snipe him.
    Democracy is forbidden in china, you can dream about poisoning our people from our righteous law. Mind your own business. Warnings from a communist chinese agents sent in north amerika to spy on your activities.

    If i knew where he lives ,i will report to my leading authorities in CCP and we will destroy everything what he has in life.

    -Communist Chinese Agent-


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