Bill Lets Obama Turn Off the Internet

For cybersecurity purposes

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Two bills introduced giving the President the power to deem a private network part of the nation’s critical infrastructure and shut it down for cybersecurity reasons also gives the Commerce Secretary the power to access network data outside of oversight.

The Big Brother vibe coming off both is reminiscent of a demanding report submitted before Obama even took office. About a month after Election Day, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) issued a report called Securing Cyberspace for the 44th President.

Heard of the military-industrial complex? The CSIS is likely where they meet to carpool.

The recommendations in the report, ignored by the previous administration, are sweeping and demanding. The principle minds behind it hailed from the CIA, the US Navy, Microsoft, Sun, AT&T, ICANN, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, and GE—among a slew of others—and likely those minds felt confident they’d get a more sympathetic ear from the new President. And they were likely right. They’d get that from Congress, too.

Senators Jay Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe introduced legislation last week echoing much of what the CSIS report was looking for, which is primarily a set of standards network operators are to live up to—more on that in a bit. One bill creates the office of cybersecurity czar, called a National Cybersecurity Adviser, who will oversee national network security. Confirmed by the Senate, the cybersecurity czar will have the highest security clearance necessary to monitor infrastructure networks and will be a party to secret initiatives.

Thanks to the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, the cybersecurity czar will be advised by a panel stakeholders from government, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors, much like the signatories to CSIS’s report. Also under the longer bill, the President can order the disconnection of any federal or private critical infrastructure network during emergencies or for reasons of national security. “Critical infrastructure” could include the networks attached to financial, power, transportation, medical, communication or any other network deemed critical that could be the target of a cyber attack.

In short, the President could shut down much of the Internet if he thought necessary. The Secretary of Commerce would also be given "access to all relevant data concerning [critical] networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access" in the event of a cybersecurity emergency.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology would be charged with developing standards and tests for information networks and software used by federal agencies, contractors, or other private networks deemed part of the critical infrastructure.

Typically, when legislation affecting, limiting, or dictating major corporations hits Congress, those corporations make big stinks. Watch AT&T and Verizon go mad with anti-regulation fervor whenever Net Neutrality is brought up. All sectors are suspiciously quiet on this front, though. It could be because there’s big money in standardization, especially if your company gets to create the standards, and there’s big money in government contracts, too. Essentially, sometimes a report is a bid for a job.

While no one would object to the federal government improving its ability to fight off cyber attacks or to updating cybersecurity policies to reflect 21st Century approaches, it seems wise to be wary of handing over so much power to a few people and wary of giving up so much of our digital sovereignty.

Bill Lets Obama Turn Off the Internet
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  • http://www.worldreports.org/news Guest

    This “Old Empire” of cannabals-reptilians are all annihilated already.
    The prison guards ( our treasonous politicians, monopolies, bankers)
    have no guidance now & are falling apart like rotten apples. There is
    nothing to worry. The IS BEs are awake & cleaning house. Their spy
    satellites are falling out of the skies. The sun is shining brighter daily
    Their stupid NWO is failing horrendously. Freedom is blowing in with
    a gentle breeze.
    Time of reckoning is here, the moment of Truth just around the corner. Absolutely nothing to worry from the CIA, the US Navy, Microsoft, Sun, AT&T, ICANN, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, and GE

    • http://www.seosean.com Affordable SEO Services

      What in the world is this?

      • Guest

        Let’s all thank our wonderful black Messiah for all this HOPE and CHANGE…

        • Guest

          I hope you are joking!!!! For one thing he is not the Messiah and anyone who has given their heart to Jesus knows their is only one real Messiah and his name is JESUS!!!!!!!!

          • Guest

            Thats right brotha! KEEP IT REAL. Obama is probably a puppet.

          • Guest

            yea….. theres no jesus….. sowwy. obama sux and jesus is the illigal mexican taking the welfare while pablo came here legally and is paying for it

    • Guest

      Damn right!
      All previous attempts at building an empire have eventually failed, the NWO are just another one to add to the list.

    • http://randomplaza.com Doctor Gregory House M.D.

      Ahh the Reptilian stuff. Haha.. David Icke says George W. Bush is a Reptilian. He says other people are but I think he’s only right about Duyba and Dubya’s administration.

      You know I’d read that article you linked at the bottom if it wasn’t a 2 meg PDF. Being a PDF is bad enough, but I’m not going to sit through a 2 meg download of it. Try putting it in HTML.

  • Guest

    All hail King Obama as he continues to snub his nose at the people and grant himself more power.

    • Listening Now

      The time has come to pay attention to whats going on around you. The time to build the perfect home with the 2 cars,2 kids, dog and nice house is over.
      Everyone should be listening, researching and becoming more aware of what our goverment is trying to do.
      It may be too late to stop it.

      Will here be any place safe?

  • http://www.GangStalkingworld.com gangstalking

    It seems they are always look for ways or reasons to sensor the Internet, this would be so easy to achive. All you would need is another 911 false flag opperation and people would be running to the president to implement the bill. Problem reaction solution. I don’t doubt that it would work.

    Good article, great find.

  • http://www.cafepress.com/gendesigns glenda

    Excellent find! With all this “open transparency” of the govt lately, at least you found “this particular info”. Not sure I like where the “power” is going.

    Then again, how do we know that “someone” in our govt, doesn’t already have that power to “shut-it-down” and that this “so call announcement” isn’t just part of a public transparency or a leak of so called info. For all we know, “this” is just a public formality. ugh

  • http://everett.vinzant.name Guest

    The internet was created as a network that removed single points of failure. The idea was these were bad things. The thinking was we needed resiliency. Now we are going to put single points of failure back into the network? We’re going to standardize things. This way someone only has to set an attack for the standard? If I’m a virus writer do I write windows viruses or mac viruses? The biggest bang for my buck is…. the windows virus…

    So we’re going to undo all this progress, and move everything to a single point of failure? Time for amateur radio operators to get that wireless data flowing. 10 mbps is a good start Icom…

    Instead of common sense redundancy, layer 2 VPN’s, etc. we hand the “keys to the internet,” over to someone with no oversight. I’ll take that position over the presidency any day. In a few years, I could run the world…

    Just when you think you’ve met the dumbest person in the world, someone, somewhere, will go out of their way, to prove you wrong.

  • Klord

    For all of the far left side kool aid drinkers who despised the Bushies and believed the republicans had gouged out large chunks of various Constitutional amendments, now see what you have. You got the change but w/little hope there’s adult leadership on the margins. I hear the shearing clippers working overtime. Baaaadddd days coming for civil libertarians.

  • Guest

    Barrack Obama, The President of the United Socialist States of America!! What other power is he going to grant to the government?!

    • Moron

      Where above does it ever say that Obama presented this?

      Seriously, I just love you simple minded backwater rejects. ‘Deerrr if’n it comes from gubbamint den it has to beah dat Obama..’

      Really, get the tin foil off your head and stop speed reading the news to form your opinion of everything.

      Learn to look into the details before you scream murder and by the way – keep the internet safe and free. Otherwise I wouldn’t get the pure pleasure of making the point I have.

      • the dude

        well its not just obama but it is the socialist federalizing democrats who want to tell us what to think and say half of Communism socialism is the first step i say a couple good shots from some well placed people will do a lot for the country (oh know the cybercrime people are going to arrest me now) the government that has power now wants to control everything what happened to land of the free

  • http://www.seomaster.com.br SEO Brazil

    “…It seems wise to be wary of handing over so much power to a few people and wary of giving up so much of our digital sovereignty…”

    Totally agree!

  • Guest

    Obama, what steps towards communism will you take next?

  • Guest


  • Guest

    My fellow citizens of the Old USofA. This bill could make it so saying I wanna change or go to war against this govt on the internet is censored during times of war or trouble (read:revolution). AM I the only one with the want and will to bring these criminals to justice?

  • Guest


  • Solaris

    It is happening, what part of our lives will not have government oversight anymore?

    All the hard work our veterans put forward, all the strife we have suffered, and all the growth of our nation is now being thrown away.

    We simply CANNOT allow this to happen.

  • Guest

    Isn’t USA that same country that likes to bitch to everyone how mean they are for censoring the Internets? Yet THEY want to have the kill switch for it! USA – Land of the Fucked and the Hypocrites!

  • Guest

    Seriously? Can you reference the exact bill so I can read up on it myself?

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    axo overkill in some parts, I am against intervention by means other than legal

  • http://arturbovejr.saojosecampos.com/ Sites Art

    Lol Bush maybe are realy a reptinian, so wht they dont take control of all world and end all this things!

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