Bill Gates Knighted, The World Reacts

    March 3, 2005

As you may have heard Microsoft founder Bill Gates was knighted last night in a private ceremony with the Queen of England.

Bloggers have reacted with sarcasm, humor, outrage and some pretty off the wall statements. Here are a few we at WebProNews headquarters ran across …

So the newly knighted bill gates has the following to say:

“”Gates said he was proud of what he called Microsoft’s “special relationship” with Britain.”

Isnt that… special? You know, they really do. I believe it was in the UK that windows billboards announcing the release of windows XP were vandalized to say “Suddenly everything just sucks” instead of the intended “Suddenly everything just works””

i’ve lost all respect for queen and country…

you know knighthood doesn’t mean a gosh darned thing anymore when Bill Gates getting knighted…

knights are supposed to be noble, honourable folks… we’re supposed to be able to look at them and believe that we ourselves can be better people… how the heck does Bill Gates qualify?

Look at how excited he looks! That’s what I love about Bill. He’s a genuine geek. I’ll bet that he legitimately thinks that being knighted is “pretty cool”.

Sir Bill and the Knights of Spyware

Yes fellow Mac enthusiasts, Bill Gates has been knighted by the Queen of England.


However, he is not to be called “Sir Bill”, but rather “Bill Gates KBE” (Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). But you may only address him with his new title if you have the proper 74 digit licensing number, followed by another code of 39 digits which will unlock a trial version of the title which will uninstall itself in 30 days if the $149 for the full version of the new title is not paid in full.

I dub thee, sir SUCK!
I tell you, if the Queen ever had to write CSS2 that works properly in both FireFox and Internet Exploder she never woud have knighted Bill Gates.

Arise, Sir Nerdalot

You may or may not know that Bill Gates is being Knighted.

Let’s see why, shall we?

“for his contribution to enterprise in the UK.”

Well, yes, without Bill, Sophos wouldn’t have a business, for one.
Those tech support man hours aren’t going to spend themselves, are they?
Just imagine what would happen to the advertising industry if they couldn’t put a pop-up or adware on your PC every third page.

The Man We All Love to Hate – Knighted by the Queen

Every time you experience the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), who do you think of? Bill Gates, of course. In the tech world, he’s the man we all love to hate. Monopolisitic buyouts of companies that we loved (IE: Giant, Lookout), sucky, blunder-ridden Internet browsers and products that just don’t do what you want them to do. With all of this, it’s easy to point a finger at one man.

However, just when you’ve finally convinced yourself that there is no bigger corporate evil-doer (other than Carly), you hear of Bill’s very generous giving record ($billions) over the past 30 years. The Queen herself was kind enough to acknowledge this by Knighting him on March 2nd.

Congratulations, Billy Boy! You d’man!

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